Adapting my hummer to wood gas

To adapt my 6 liter GM to wood gas , I guess it needs a carb. I can get a intake manifold and carb with a new computer system. I need to build the wood gas system and modify the body to hold everything. Is that all I need to do and will this work?


Hi mike im not the expert here on conversians. But i thought like you on my first wood gas truck, i bought the truck thinking being a carb wood work better, though actually the computors have more addvanntage even with wood gas, easyer too hybrid in a little petro when power is needed climbing mountains or pulling trailers, and merging on fast moveing crowded freeways.Allso the computor helps keep spark knock down when timeing gets set a little too addvanced.Carb motors on the other hand need too gas pedals and are not able too drive hybrid like computor motors either.So i would stick with computor if posible, it works better on petro or wood gas Mpg and timeing presision.There is the guy up in NY that runs his 5.7 v8 1/2 ton chevy truck just fine on wood gas , i think his is a 97 chevy.


Hello Mike and welcome to the DOW ( drive on wood )

One can make almost any vehicle run on wood gas but some are much easier than others .

Also a lot depends on the job you will have for the vehicle .

You need a good power to weight and profile ratio. EFI works much better than a carb and even multiport injection works better than TBI

Take a look at this , it may answer a few of your questions .

You do want to make sure a gasifier is not in the cab with you .