After several years of leave Got the bug to get back at it

Hello all, my name is Dennis Pecynski, I live outside of Columbus Ohio, I was a former member of this site several years ago but life and running 2 businesses kinda got in the way of my interest and time was a premium back then. I have since retired and lately with price of gas and the old woodgas bug I have since rejoined the group. ( waiting on an email reply from Chris for life time membership) I recently have searched and found out my good friend Mile Larossa has passed. My sincerest Condolences to His family. Thanks for reading my little rant and will probably flood the group with my Next builds that are already under way.


Welcome back and looking forward to your projects!


Yes Dennis , it has been a while ! Welcome back sir.


Thanks Wayne, will be starting NEW discussions soon.


I’d like to see some of your old builds if you have any. If you have any old Mike LaRosa stuff saved, drawings or whatever, that would also be awesome.


any of my OLD stuff is already on the site…Nothing but memories on Mike’s stuff…we had a lot of Phone discussions back in the day on the old Yahoo groups.


Welcome back Dennis, yes there has been a lot of new members these past few years. I am one of them. And a few members that have not been on the site for a while now. Some of them sold their gasifer trucks and bought another gasifer truck. I scored one that one. And some must be so busy out there driving them and doing the SWEM as they pass by the gas stations, that they have not time to be on the site. Lol
Looking forward to your new building thread.