Air Carbon Fuel Cell


Hydrogen peroxide it would produce an endothermic or exothermic reaction on a hot coal bed?

If one wuld use the correct peroxide/water mix it wuld be theoreticaly possible to run a gasifier without air intake. lf someone has the balls and resources to try that l wuld love to see that working.


In the near future i will have a “research” facility to play…

The 3% peroxide i already have :wink:

Waiting to get 80%…


Not sure yet at a low level solution, but i think Jeff already tested it…
Lets see what melts away this time… :grin:

All for sience…


Just a word of caution. Hidrogen peroxide + hot charcoal is a rather ecplosive combination. Actualy hydrogen peroxide + most things are rather explosive :wink: specialy in high concentrations. Had a close shot my self once… literaly


Hi Thierry, my hypothesis is that the engine will be able to draft the fuel into it’s intake at a lower constant vacuum. Sweep more of the dust out of the charcoal, a longer run time before cleaning out the charcoal.


So, moving down toward the humidity pan.

Above the pan is in shut off mode. Charcoal gets smothered.

Above the four spacer wires are in place.

Above is the heat interchange fins that help to preheat the incoming air.

Above the pan is in the run mode. Air enters between the space between the top of the pan and bottom of the producer.


I think your new version, gasfier, it approaches the Crossdraft?
vertical updraft Version !


A little bit. But there were other updrafts that take the gas off early.


Do the preheating fins touchthe water? That might give you extra vater vapour.

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It’s mobile so there is a splashing effect.

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I would be careful with hydrogen peroxide. At high concentrations it will explode if boiled.


that’s a “big bang” theory :grin:

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Hi Jeff

H2O2 single boiling is it explosive? or H2O2 + burning coal is explosive?

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Highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide itself is unstable and can cause a boiling liquid expanding vapour explosion (BLEVE) of the remaining liquid. Distillation of hydrogen peroxide at normal pressures is thus highly dangerous.


Could I have 12 bottles of bleach please???

All kidding aside I would not be buying concentrated liquid peroxide in 2016 even if I could come up with a reasonable reason for it.
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