Air impact hammer to shake Grate?

Has anybody ever tried using an air impact hammer to shake the grate?
I’m thinking about mounting one to the outside of the reactor.
There would be no connection to the grate itself, just use the vibration of the air hammer from the outside. No sealing issues.
Using my GEK-like Arduino controller, it would be easy to control it to run for a few seconds every few minutes, or to even run it based on a change in suction across the grate.

Pete Stanaitis

Hello Mr. Pete,

I have no experience with the above so please consider my post as a very uneducated guess.

If I have a fire tube or grate getting restricted or plugged I would want to keep the upper portion of the fire tube and fuel hopper ( entrance to fire tube )as still as I could , but at the same time some vibration or movement ( exit from the fire tube ) at and below the grate .