Alex's old '92 F150

I wanted to give a post-mortem update on my former '92 F150, but I didn’t want to clutter up the projects forum with something that will never be a project. Thus, here it is in off-topic.

The bottom line is, the transmission got down to one forward gear, and no reverse gear. The estimates I got to rebuild the E4OD were all in the $2000 to $2400 range, and I really would rather have a small tractor instead. So, decided it was time to let it be somebody else’s project. I bought it for $1000 a year and a half ago, and sold it for $800 this past Saturday.

My oldest son is getting married in April, and after that, I’ll be high on the lookout for a small tractor to run off charcoal. Once that happens, I’ll start a new project thread.


Hi Alex,
If I had to buy a small tractor to run on charcoal I would look around for a Satoh Bison 650G. They were made from 1973 to 1983 by Mitsubishi and are about the size of an 8N Ford but a little smaller. They have a 25hp 1 liter overhead valve engine with 8.5 to 1 compression ratio, 3 point hitch, live pto and 6 forward 2 reverse transmission. That is probably one of the last of the small tractors of modern design with a gasoline engine small enough to run on charcoal and still able to get some serious work done. My 2 penny’s worth.

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