All Power Labs Power Pallet Australia

We have 3 x All Power Labs Power Pallets (KS Power Pallet v1.11) that we no longer require. We have these units in storage for the past 5 years and prior to that we were commissioning / assembling and working on them. As we moved our business in a different direction, we now have no use for them and need the storage space urgently.
We are based in NSW, Australia and hope to find them a new home otherwise they will unfortunately become scrap.
If there is anyone in Australia that these might be of interest to please contact me.
[email protected]



I would even take the one with the dented drum that’s how much i would like to get my hands on one of these to play with .


That’s a significant investment you have there Andrew. I would be a shame to have to scrap them. I hope you will give it some time to find a buyer. It costs 27 dollars to get three hexaloy tubes some of us use for nozzles, shipped to Australia and that’s about a pound of weight, Must have cost a fortune to ship those gasifiers.


Email him, he may not check back here. he might be willing to let them go for scrap prices if you can pick them up on a short timeline. You will find something to do with them. :slight_smile:


Andrew and i have spoke and will keep everyone informed how things go fingers crossed , as you can imagine there have been a lot of interest from others as well .


Them some nice looking gasifier units well designed-what are they selling for, though i live in USA. --michigan,state. Don’t scrap them what ever you do, trade them for somthing you looking for- two many hours invested- let alone all the fine welded materiel. wish you lived in my area.

They won’t be headed to scrap. They pay more for electric then we do so there has to be demand. Finding someone that wants it with cash is another story. They want to get rid of them quickly. They have already written them off their books. They want the offer of cash upfront for all three and hauling them off today type of offer.


Well some body should be so lucky to get those gasifier systems that CHEAP.ammen.

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We have been running a men’s shed at Brians scrap yard for a few years now and showing interested people how to go about building mainly charcoal systems , some weekends we have had over a dozen people turn up to learn about gasification and how to build retorts and making charcoal , so if we are lucky to be able to get these units to our shed i will get some photo’s and video’s up as soon as we can get one of them running and then i guess we shall be able to fully show how a wood gasifier is constructed from one of the other units .


That is why I thought you guys would be interested. You have a scrap yard, you probably have a way to transport, and you have already have a group of people interested. And chances are maybe not today, but one of those people would eventually be interested in a turnkey working system. :slight_smile:

This is of course disregarding any other reason for coming like you serve killer homemade beer and vegemite/marmite snacks at the festivities. (sorry I had to throw in yeast extract products because I was looking at those recently for gardening…)


Hahaha you gotta love your Vegemite if you live here , and most Sundays when we meet up because we all drive to Brians yard its normaly alcohol free beer there as we dont want to get into trouble with the cops or the wife , and yes we do have a couple of older guys that would love a turnkey system if we are lucky enough to secure them at the moment they are looking into the shipping of them so fingers crossed it wont cost a fortune .


I heard it was pretty polarizing, you either love it or hate it.
My hypothesis was, if you live in Australia, and you are out of vegemite, it is a fate worse then death, thus it is an unwritten law that you have to brew beer to get the proper yeast to make the vegemite with. The fate worse then death part is you have to drink the beer to get rid of the evidence before the wife finds out you ate it all and there isn’t any left for kids lunches.

I figured there is interest from folks without fab skills interested. It would be a good gesture to get them involved with a turn key system especially a smokeless one. :slight_smile:


As promised a update Today was the first chance we had to have a play with one of these Power Pallets units , we decided to start with the unit with the extended feet ,as that was the unit Andrew said they been working on .
We emptied out the old filter material as it was compacted mouldy and disintegrated and filled with nice fresh wood shavings open cell foam and Lambs wool
Well i am just gobsmacked at how nicely the unit flared once we managed to get the heat gun to it .
Now we have it running we might tear it down and do a deep dive inside to make sure there are no nasties’ hiding away in out of the way places and we are still to understand the readings fully on the screens although we now have found a video explaining some of it even though there start up instructions do contradict themselves from time to time , still time will see how we get to grips with these units .
First flare

and the short run video , excuse video quality its def not one of my skills that’s for sure .