All stainless Imbert

Been awhile from me but I’m still at it.
Hi Steve Bowman! :+1:
In these few months coming up will be great for the woodgas community. I can’t disclose exact details at this time but I assure everyone here will enjoy what my Twin and I are about to accomplish. Really a life long dream and it’s become a once in a lifetime opportunity.
But in the meantime ive gathered enough materials to finally start building an all stainless Imbert style unit. Definitely an improvement from my first Gasifier over 10 years ago. Going with swappable hearth inserts and threaded nozzles that can be moved to two separate heights above the hearth. Plugging the unused holes ofcourse. The replaceable hearth inserts with the option for nozzle location will make this unit capable with the wide range I like to play with.
Outer gasifier shell will be made of 16" stainless tube. Grate is 3/8" thick. And all high heat areas like hearth and reduction tube will be beefy as well. I started with the top lid then currently welding up the bottom with the grate and grate shaft. Then fitting the critical pieces in-between like the pyrolysis zone, hearth and nozzle section. Many ideas inspired from the Peterson design but from the material selection I am subjected to its plans that match up well. I’ll supply photos soon but atleast here are a few for starters. Have a good one everyone!


I think about you every once in a while and wonder what you are up to—now I know. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress. You still have an invitation to bring your family and come by for a visit sometime.