All-Wood Gas Engine really runs!

From Farm Show Magazine: You’ve never seen anything like this all-wood 1-cyl. gas engine built by Paul Gorrell, Burlington, Iowa. There’s no metal at all in it – no screws, nuts, nails, or anything
else. It’s held together with wood pegs and even has a wood gas tank,
fuel line and mixer, all of which are coated with gas tank sealer. All
the moving parts were penetrated with Minwax wood hardener and sprayed
with coats of Teflon Dry Lube high performance formula. They’re also
lubricated with extra virgin olive oil. The engine even has a striking
flint stone ignition.
Eight different kinds of wood were used to build it. The oak pins
that hold the engine together can be driven out to take the engine apart
for repairs.
“I’ve been showing equipment at engine shows for 40 years, and this
is the best ‘draw’ I’ve ever had. People are fascinated by it,” says
Gorrell. - See more at:


Yes Ray ,

That is a real WOOD motor :smile:


Wooden it be cool if the wooden engine ran on wood gas? But a wood woodgas generator wood be hard to build, wooden it?


Haha, that wood be so epic!