Allis chalmers d17 tractor

Thus isn’t mine but if someone wanted a good tractor to put a gasificer on this would be ideal. When the diesel motor failed someone swapped a d19 straight 6 gas into a d17 which had a 4 cylinder gas or 6 cylinder diesel. I have seen this done a few times before the diesel and gas 6 cylinder is pretty much a bolt up replacement. The gas was also used in combines. So what you end up with is a tractor designed for 55 hp cranking out about 70 I think I would have to look up the 6 cylinder gas. When I saw this all I could think was good thing it is soo far off or I would have to find the cash to buy it. Because you just got a factory motor oversized for wood gas performance loss. On wood that probably would have about the right power for a d17 which is one nice tractor.

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Are you really going to let distance and money stop you? Just dig into that bottomless pit of money all you farmers have…:joy:

Trust me if I had money it would be here and some of my other broken tractors would be fixed… Repairing an old farm that was shutdown for over 20 years and trying to figure out what market might pay the bills is a good way to loose your life’s savings. But heck I didn’t move back here to get rich. If anyone wants to buy it install a gasificer and donate it to a good cause I can find a few trees to fill the hopper… :grin:

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For motor swaps,an old Massey Harris is king! Rear transaxle means you can stuff in just about anything that fits between the frame rails. You could have a nice V8 tractor that makes 100 hp on woodgas EASY! :grin:

My ATC GT30 has the same arrangement having a Clark transaxle out back. The F140 under the hood would struggle to make much over 20 hp on woodgas, but it would be a cinch to plop a V8 in there😀

Most old tractors with tool bar rails are easy swaps. The cool thing about that D17 is that it is all stock AC parts so it is almost factory and easy to work on.

And if actually farming the thing, there’s something to be said for an engine that makes peak torque at 1100 rpm :slightly_smiling_face:

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If it came here it would be making about 10,000 square bales a summer that should count as farming with it…:smile:

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Yep, that would count!

Nah that is like a morning work out on a hobby farm ducks :slight_smile: I only hope you have one of those bale stackers.

I have an accumulator and grapple system. The grapple goes on a loader frame and picks up 15 bales at a time. The tractor with the hay grapple had blown a hydraulic cylinder to curl the bucket. I use it to plow out with that is my allis chalmers d15. I rebuilt the curl cylinders this last fall must have a defective seal is all I can think. The other tractor is my ac d17 which is in the middle of a motor overhaul. And the little tractor on the rake is a case ingersoll 448 garden tractor with a 10 hp Chinese diesel motor repower I didn’t last spring. I think it raked all 10000 bales last summer on 7 gallons of diesel fuel. It is the funniest thing to see raking hay.


Okay that is almost worth a trip to NH to see the 448 pull that in the field. :slight_smile:

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Sean the best part is it still has terf tires and snow chains and it pulled that up some big hills with win rows big enough they would barely clear the dolly wheel. Sometimes I had to get off and clean it out if I was raking over. These fields are crazy productive.
I need to get a set of ag R1 tires for it this summer and fix the mounting bracket for the the radiator support and fix the steering the gear on the end of the wheel shaft is all worn out. But that little tractor is a portable hydraulic pump really and it has a rototiller that I do my garden with and a wood splitter. I could mow the law if It modified the front hand pull start on the diesel motor and put a belt pulley back there or if I modified the mower deck to run on hydraulics. But I get about enough ussage out of it as it is. Those little case ingersoll tractors are the best. They have 16 inch rims so you can put truck tires on them if you want.

Nice, looks like you’re keeping the old iron working!

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He lives way up north in Lynn Lake Manitoba. He runs 20+ old IHC and Cat crawlers from the 40’s to make a living. Interesting lifestyle, and tons of old equipment. He’s even still working a '39 1 ton flatbed, and a couple Linn half tracks that are probably from the 20’s:


The d17 my grandfather bought used in the 60s it has been here ever since and I have been the first person who has had to do any major work on it since it got here. The motor had been over hauled before my grandfather got it and it was very tired when I got it. The d15 I built out of 2 dead tractors and alot of new parts. Probably have more money in it then I will ever get out but I love the d serries they have a great power direct clutch for live power and they fight with every last ounce of power they have. I can’t wait to see how much power my d17 has with a fresh motor. The new pistons are oversized so it should have a fair bit more power this summer expecially since it has been running with broken oil rings for about 5 years… as I said one tuff tractor and with a very fast governor. The old tractors from the 60s are perfect for these small fields.


Can you do an inframe with these engines with sleeves? Or pull and send to machine shop? All my stuff I’d have to pull and bore, too bad when you look at prices for inframe kits being so cheap these days.

The have sleeves and some people do an in frame kit but there are some things you just can’t get to. I pull the motors much easier and you get a better finial product. I hope to never have to take them apart again. The d15 has been completely rebuilt needed a new head among other things. The d17 is in the middle of being rebuilt. I have a mechanic I work with because I am not a good mechanic myself. But outside the head everything else is straight forward. The ac motors are wet sleeves so they are pretty easy to change out alot better then the dry sleeve motors in the farmall. I am not sure I want to rebuild that stuck motor. My grandfather bought the h new in 50 and he rebuilt the motor once and wore it out again. That tractor needs a complete rebuild really not worth it but maybe worth conversation.