Alternate Designs

Hi Folks,

Has anyone tried to use two steel 5 gallon cans as the hopper and ash collector?
It seems like it would work, and be a lot easier to fabricate.

Yes MichealG
Been done many times. Works to get you up, crawling and started forward and will work for a short time; then . . . . see my fingers in this picture?
Look at the heat/corrosion erosions through even in the thicker steel fired porcelain enamel pan at ~10-20x the life.
Do lots of drill and clamp through contructioning using pipe flanges with thin stuff. Seal with furnace or auto exhaust cements.
A step up to stainless steel cooking pots using the sames drilled pipe flange through coupling will buy you a min. 30x to 100x the service lifes for moving forward as you gain experence and want to then start operated running from beginnings walking.
That SS pot style of constucting last pictured here:
Steve Unruh

I am using a 200 litre drum with a resealable lid, works very well, it does have a cone in the bottom to allow the wood chips to flow without snagging. I can get about 6 to 8 hours running my generator.