Always something to be tinkering with

So work slowed down and I got to head home early. Mixed blessing I suppose.

I get to see my family longer but theres less money. Lol

I tore a Yamaha VMax apart before i went to work last time and now i have to get it back together and out the door so i can start on my gasifier.

Transmission overhaul…popping out of second gear Fun Fun


What causes that popping out of gear? Is there a detent somewhere that wears out?

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It’s a flaw in every Yamaha VMAX from 85 till 2001.

Where the gears dog into each other gets worn out very quickly and they need to be undercut so that they will mesh properly.

It’s not even the teeth of the gear it’s the dogs.

So you send the whole gear set away to a machine shop and have them undercut and while you have the transmission apart these Vmax has are geared very steep in 5th gear so they are hard on fuel on the highway. So I install a 5th gear out of a Venture Royale which is geared different to lower the RPM.


How interesting…that’s why i have been seeing one for sale cheap for so long.


Yeah, the repair will cost you about 1200 bucks if you do it yourself.

And to be honest, the bikes are worth it. They are a classic muscle bike. You sit upright and go like a crotch rocket.

Love them


Velocity is a state of grace…
There is a clarity of thought and action when one rides something at the maximum of the riders skill and the machines engineering limit.


Love this…so very very true.

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Every now and then it ends in road rash too…