An answer came my way


Thank you for locking the thread on insurance.

Guess what…

It is possible, and a large underwriter is prepared to take on the challenge as long as full clarity is kept between user and insurer.

So all those running in the shade, good luck in a crash.

As to who the broker and underwriter are, well I was going to post that as an FYI, but that is my little nougat of information now…

If your going to do it, do it above board and legal.

And now for a parting laugh…

Hi NeilC
I am very glad you have found a way around this blockade for you there in the U.K.
I am sure now anyone else in the UK wanting to know this information will be able to contact you directly through your membership page here.
So . . . if your “parting laugh” was a membership Goodby please do re-consider.
Here you are searchable and contactable.
I did not say anything on the vehicle insurance thread as that is not a problem area here for me woodgasing.
By your story post it is obvious you are building around an old vehicle that only has to comply with it’s as manufactured standards as far as non-insurance demanded legal requirement for fueling systems.?
Here in the US and Canada ANY of the modifications to the original fueling systems we are all doing are actually illeagal tampering to the original factory certified systems by Federal law. Says so right there on the underhood lables. To “be open and above board” and strictly Federal legal we’d ONLY be able to work with pre-1967 and pre-1969 systems depending on the actual State location.
I only think RonL, RichardC and MikeL on some of his previous vehicle systems could meet this standard. So maybe you can see a little bit you speaking from within the legality of a very small, not possible for very many now vehicle catagory.
I think there is a lot of actual culture background miss-connecting going on here - why your beet joke in not connecting for me. ??
“do not ask - do not tell” and “better to ask forgivness than permission” that we use over here is part and parcel of being truely free Americans. Actually helps us get along with each other much better.
These are not just old urges. We refresh these always with each genration and new citizen blood. New “evader” citizens are the stongest for these ethics.
One of the strongest expresions for living truely Free is quiet non-compliance.

Steve Unruh

Well folks
I guess I missed some of the conversation on the other thread (hard at it these days)
OK 80,000 miles to date driven on wood. Various speed bumps along the way to get that number. Even some claims to my insurance company (operator error happens to the best of us) My rep was debreifed in full detail of what happened what the cause was and how I could fix the defect in the system so it could never happen again. A claim check was cut instantly. Even got the rep to Dow/s.w.e.m in another woodburner.

I have to say it is the first forum I have been on that shys away from controversial debate. But each to their own. I don’t think I will cancel my membership as this site has taught me so much, and I can see updates on topics I want to follow. I am interested in Brian Hughes progress, mainly as he is another Brit at it and I don’t feel so alone! I must constantly give praise to the three who have turned my understanding of gassing completely upside down, showing it can be simple, and powerful. Gary Gilmore (of course) for his excellent simple fire, Chris Seymour for the beast of a Van showing that charcoal has real power in it, and lastly Jeff Davis for his alternate simple charcoal gasifier setups.

I think the choice for me is to go charcoal. The system is simpler and lighter. I shall probably be selling my beloved moped earlier next year due to circumstance and using the money to but a small one-point-nothing hatchback as a spare vehicle. Due to what’s available it will probably be petrol injected (boo hiss). Will it be the best project base, probably not, but I have no budget for a hefty V8 pickup. Due to my “good news” I have put grinder to metal in anger and started to build a gasser. It will be more like Jeff’s wheelhorse gasser, mainly because I have those parts now lying around and it seems sensible to recreate a working setup. With some input from a couple of enthusiastic work colleagues we have come up with some good modular, bolt-on-bolt-off ideas of how to mount a setup to a small car. The fastening system is already in use by a bike rack manufacturer and the fixings carries the European approvals for road use. Just replace the bikes with a can-o-fire…