Anonymous Benefactor

Hey Ya’ll
My Mailbox has been holding some really cool surprises lately!
An “Anonymous Benefactor”… Had Chris drop ship these to me.
Talk about a nice and unexpected surprise!
Thanks so much to whoever ya are… They will be put to good use, of that you can be sure!
Videos/Stills of how they are used to follow.
A very appreciative.

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That’s for sure!

That’s pretty cool … Bring on spring !!! M

Howdy Mike,
Sure is!
And speaking of different kind of cool… -22F Wind chill -38…
Winter is gettin a bit long for sure.
Keep your feet on the ice.

Roughly the same here! (-18, -35 wind chill) This is sure a long, cold one. Nice box of blowers.

!! Sweet!

Howdy John, Eric.
Yup, winter is getting really old up here… -30C this morning.
Eric, got some couplers to get them put together… Gotta get the time to work on it.
Hopefully I’ll run the truck soon, waiting for wood to dry… It’s even worse than Paint!

Nice score! I been looking out in the driveway for a firetube but no luck yet. I know there is one out there under the snow somewhere. bring on spring

Howdy Jim,
I hear ya! Every now and then ya get lucky… Been pretty happy with the mailbox lately.
Spring surprise… when all that stuff ya forgot ya had reappears… Sometimes that’s a good thing :slight_smile:
All the best to ya.

yea it has been warm enough the last few days that some road signs are starting to reappear. Spring is just around the corner when they start to pop back out.

Blower update…
Howdy Y’all
Here is the starting and one reverse blower (4+1)
in place still have to wire it and plumb a tennis ball valve at the bottom and a plastic ball valve going back up for a removable flaring section.
Thanks Again!!!