ANOTHER dead bilge blower

Well, I have another dead bilge blower. This is the third one now. The first one ran for a couple of years and a couple of thousand miles. I would have to lubricate the bearings once in a while. The second one only lasted a couple of drives. This third one lasted maybe a thousand miles and worked fine last night after I got home but today was dead. I dismantled the last one. I believe the brush holders are made out of biodegradable plastic and eventually just crack and fall apart. I just don’t want any of you guys to get caught with your pants down around your knees. I used to run furnace or water heater draft induction blowers off an inverter and never had a problem. The brand I have been using is seachoice model 41851. It’s even made in the USA. The one I just pulled was clean inside and still spinning freely … Just beware and report your experiences. I still have 2 new in the box but I KNOW I can’t trust them … Regards, Mike LaRosa

Hello Mike ,

I don’t think they were designed to be continuously in the gas stream , Might have a little tar in the gas .

They are cheap but the blowers on the truck I drove to Argos are over four years old and 25K miles .