Any market for some gasifiers?

I had my fun with gasification for several years. Learned a lot, and, maybe, passed on a little. Now I am downsizing.

I have one Chinese JXQ-10A that I experimented with for several years and 2 brand new, home made charcoal updraft gasifiers that I don’t need anymore.
I don’t need to get rich, but I’d like to sell these machines to someone who would make better use of them than I am doing these days.
I live in west central Wisconsin, about 40 miles east of St. Paul MN.
I’d be glad to answer any questions. I have a bunch of webpages about them at:

and a bunch of youtube videos about them at:

Pete Stanaitis


Good Morning Mr Pete.
I am sure whatever you sell; it will be a good deal for someone.

Will you be letting go of your Snowco wood chips sorter too?
One of the best most comprehensive info videos on woodgasifier fuel wood chips was yours you put up here:


Many newer guys up on the DOW now will not have seen your earlier info-sharing videos.
You deserve much credit for bringing this experienced learned information forwards.
Steve Unruh


Hello Steve.
Thank you for your kind words.
Yes, now that I think about it, the Snowco Chip sorter can also go away.

Our Woodgas Page
Pete Stanaitis


Wow, PeteS. Wow.
Skimming your site link I see I’ve only ever read, viewed, and listened to maybe 20% of your full body of works.
If you’d be willing to keep these links active I’m for asking Admin @Chris to lock this in as a DOW Library need-to-read.
“Pete Stanaitis’s 21st Century Wood-for-Powers Works”

Best Regards
Steve Unruh


I shall have to build a a home made version of your Snowco as those too big chips look to be so perfect for the Gasifiers we now have . , In the area we live they used to dump loads of wood chips in years gone by , but the last few years has seen a demand for garden mulch and so there is now a price on wood chips .



I’ve been on a Gasifier journey for what feels like a long time. At this point, I am interested to procure a working example even if it’s demonstrative in capability only (for cheap).

I would be interested in the Chinese made JXQ-10A or your other model.

I’ve seen your homepage Mr. Stanaitis but I probably missed the link regarding details on your charcoal updraft gasifiers. Could your provide some pics?



Fine with me, Steve.
My website is over 22 years old and I have no plans to take it down.

Pete Stanaitis