Anyone in Sweden?

Looks as if you search on “blocket” (big swedish trading site) for Gengas intersting things pop up!

Check out Stig Werner’s site

He lost a son to cancer a couple of years ago so hasn’t been very active lately.
Johan’s site is
Last time we e-mailed he was working with ethanol and maybe starting a family ??
He posted a video of another Volvo truck in action. It is on youtube somewhere. Very nice video. I wish I could get the matches they use in that video. Just do a search for Volvo, Truck, Woodgas and it should come up.
I have a slow phone dialup so can’t deal with it right now.
Regards, Mike

Hey Billy, How about those matches any idea where we can get them in is paranoid country ?? The strike anywheres I buy here are not worth poop … Thanks, Mike

Looks like he’s using Bengal matches (sparklers); stormproof matches should work also.

A woodgassers friend! This looks like the best deal on Ebay:

That’s not it at all … With all this “terror” going on, they banned self strike matches in most places. You have to get them from a hardware store with a firearms license now. The quality of them is worthless as well. They are around half the size they used to be and half the tips break off or just don’t work. The ones in the volvo video have some steel particles in them or the such to keep sparking and perpetuate the fire. I can’t even imagine trying to light off my gas with a USA match … Paranoid fools … They paved paradise and put up a parking lot … Mike … PS, 22 rim fire ammo is beginning to appear again here. I even found some hollow points the other day … Limited to one box per day (of any kind) …

It appears to me in the video he may be using what is known as a “congreve”, consisting of a three-inch long splint of wood with a tip made of antimony sulfide, chlorate of potash, gum arabic and starch. Research states: “When drawn against a piece of sandpaper, a series of small explosions ensued, which would shower the user with sparks and debris and ­ sometimes ­ start the wooden splint burning.”


Hi Billy, I have that video saved somewhere on one of my machines. It’s perfect. What a nice truck and an old gentleman. I hope Johan will get back on again so I can thank him for his efforts. I really enjoyed when he converted that old diesel tractor to spark ignition so he could use the gasifer he built in England for a TV show. The Toyota truck did not meet specs in Sweden so he just transferred the system to the tractor and went off to cut wood with it. For the other guys, make sure you catch the videos of Werner’s build in Canada. I especially like the way they stuck the paper in the invisible flame. I do that trick all the time. Check out the governor he built. Mike

Werner came to BC and built a woodgas system for some people close to where we live now.The fellow that the system was built for has since died but I don’t know the whereabouts of the generator now.
After he finished the job,Werner came and stayed with us 3 days and then flew back to Sweden.At that time he lived and breathed woodgas but also fell in love with the area around Falkland BC and had enjoyed the rodeo he attended while there.I know he wanted to come back to North America but didn’t learn til recently that he lost his son.
The first pic is the gasifier he built for Dave and Lars and the others were taken in our backyard in Pemberton in around June 2008.
He is pretty handy with a torch and welder.

Thanks for posting the pictures Paul, Werner used to call me up sometimes when he was driving in the middle of the night there. He was driving to Stockholm every night (DHL ?). He sent me a couple of videos of the fences they put in the middle of the roads there to try to prevent head on’s. He hated them as they prevented people from turning as well as being rescued. His older son Philip died from cancer. Time marches on. Hope all’s well up your way … Mike