Anyone know what this is?

Some kind of GM four cylinder fourstroke diesel…:thinking:

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After some googling, I think it is a perkins engine, and possibly made for Ford. (this is going by the visible ugh letters under ‘divison of ’ on the tag’ which I am guessing is a location of Peterborough, UK)

The AC72 marking on the filter is I am assuming a filter size which was used by Ford/LandRover. I think the B10 is just the engine rating designation. I didn’t search for anything on that whole list of numbers like e20 or sl1209. so I could be wrong.

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Oh very interesting. I thought it was a GM.

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Looks to me like a Perkins out of a small ford tractor like this


If that is I have a radiator for it here you can have lol.
Can’t help you with the rest of the tractor…

That was a nice little tractor I ran for years at work underground
Started well good on fuel not too smelly.