Anyone want a Geo Metro?

I know this is off topic - hence the “off topic” section. Anyways I’ve decided to sell the Metro and stick with the Dakota. Metro uses too much gas compared to the truck (never thought I’d say that)… 50 MPG isn’t good enough anymore. :slight_smile:

Dakota’s working out pretty well for a daily driver, and the Metro’s gathering dust. Someone should get some use from it.

Maybe a candidate for gasification! Not really, just joking. :slight_smile: It’s a tiny engine.

Details here:

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might be a good engine for a stationary system… i have one but it has a knock in the bottom end

You could hang a 15 gallon gilmore on the back porch, so they could get by till finished truck gasifier.or just use for curb shopping. PS if you got a geo that is not rusted out around control arms,might sell good up by detroit mi, craigs list,as most up here in the salt are shot from the rust, had a couple geo metros,got 50 mpg on high way at times, great milege.

Always check the dates before you post… This thread is two years old.