Appalachian Adventures

Little bit of a more formal hello i guess. Was happy to meet everyone at Argos, and look forward to working with DOW in the future. I dont have a ton of videos of my projects, but i plan on setting something up to do a better job recording my stuff in the future. my projects can take some time since i tend to spend 90% of the time researching on how to make things, then teaching myself how to do them. next on my list is learning how to weld properly. i CAN weld. its not pretty, but i can park a truck on them, lol. ill post a link of a belt sander i build almost exclusively out of junkyard parts. the only thing i didnt get from the junkyard was the inverter i used to convert the motor from 3ph to 1ph.

but in my free time i plan on trying to make a gasifier or two to be able to show others and use myself. Ill probably post updates on my shop that im rebuilding, and maybe some projects when i get some done. it seems like the biggest collection i have are half finished projects. hhaha


i just read that over. i should have gotten more sleep first. i sounded borderline incoherent, lol

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:grinning::grinning::grinning:sounds familiar. I dumped or finished a lot. Cleared my head and if time allows woodgas has top priority.


It’s going to be a lot of biting on the steaks from now on when you only have 25% of a knife :wink:
Jokes aside, it is a nicely built belt sander there :blush:


Steak turners are a real fun project. Sometimes I have a lot of fun casting designed handles. Next time I get a knife done I’ll be sure to post it!


I suspect you have a bunch of half-finished projects because you sanded away the other half. That sander looks fun. :slight_smile: Welcome :slight_smile:


Spent the last few nights at my father’s house cleaning up various rooms since he can’t walk anymore. I’ve discovered almost 35 totes of paperwork. Guess I get to spend the next week and a half going through that, haha.

Dad insist that I don’t need to go through the trouble. But I insist on going paper to paper reading over each item to make sure it’s not important. So far I have found equipment manuals for my old t5c terramite, my commander 3000 crawler, and as funny as it is I found a report card from my uncle when he was in elementary school.

Turns out I wasn’t the only one in the family that had trouble getting along with my teachers in school, haha


Awful shame that I couldn’t make a gasifier to run off all this junk mail


You could try to make pellets or bricks out of it, but it isn’t worth your time. it is probably better to pull the plastic/glossy stuff out, then shred the rest and feed it to the worms.


Pull out also any carbonless chemicals treated papers too if you would compost. Toxic.

Your Dad is correct Thomas.
Best to only skim through your own archived paper works.
Even skimming fast you will lose days and weeks from getting anything else done.

I landfilled bagged and dumped hundreds of pounds of paperworks left behind on our new bought very much as-is place. If I read, I saddened and even had a few nightmares. Understood then the emotions that put some of the bullet holes we found in walls and doors. Too much anger and frustrations in that left behind paperworks.

Then reducing to move from our current place my own 50 years collections accumulations. Hundred pounds just there into the trash. Stinky motor oil splashed; kitty litter box mixed; double bagged and tossed. Some with names and SS numbers I did wood stove burnt. Stir and burn. Re-stir. Stinky, ash choking. To many hours wasted.

Photos prints are what to find and save imho. Maps too. I did save all of the old maps.


oh good point. I don’t think soy based ink was required for newspapers until like the 80s, so anything older would have toxic I think lead based ink. So maybe worm food isn’t the best idea. :slight_smile:

I think he is just sorting to make sure he isn’t throwing out titles, deeds, swiss bank accounts and treasure maps. It is a quick sort like you do with your mail to put the junk in the recycling pile to get to the two bills that were sent to you. :slight_smile:

My grandpa had stuff hidden in his filing cabinet in non-sensical folders so if he was robbed there was little chance of someone finding it. like a 100 bucks cash in the tractor manual.


When I was in business I had to keep every receipt, every contract and piece of paper. Totes full of the stuff. When I retired and the last of it was past IRS time requirements I burned it all. The relief was unbelievable. I never realized how much I hated doing business until I was free of it.


my fathers paper management system in the last 40 years can be described as “toss it in the tote. Lable them? why? theyre all in the tote”

so im finding walmart receipts, titles, divorce paperwork, rental contracts, arbys coupons, 4-wheeling magazines, and tax information all in the same box and its nerve wrecking.

told him that he has been COSMICALLY lucky that this hasnt come back to bite him in the rear yet.


He has a receipt for that in the next box. :slight_smile:


It was under a pamphlet for helicopter kits and sight seeing


Well. Going through the paperwork may have yielded some serious important results. Just found an old life insurance policy from my grandfather. Apparently it was put in my name from my dad. I have never been informed of it, and dad doesn’t seem to know much about it either. Going to call the company on Monday and see if the policy is still holding up. By law they would still have to pay out if it hadn’t already been paid out


It might fall under statue of limitations which is 7 years or go back to the state as unclaimed property. It gets it off their books.

Ended up with two totes of trash papers. Nowhere near done though. Figured I’d take a break tonight and make sure that all the paper was burnt to make sure that no one could steal any information off of some old documents. Going to be up a pretty decent amount tonight stirring it around