Argos 2012 photos

Here are some photos taken at Argos.

I wish we had something like that this side of the pond! Well done all you look as if you all had a blast!

Gareth - I have met a few interested in wood gasification - mainly in the south of England. When I get back from the US, I hope to get a UK Group together. Keep up the good work.

Hello Mr. Ken, and welcome aboard.

Lot of wisdom on the site now!!

Had a great time in Argos last week-end. We would like to thank everyone,you all a great bunch of people. Went out and bought the 12 inch pipe for burner and heat sink material. Hope to start the build soon after practicing my welding skill’s. No turning back now. By next year hope to be towing goofy little red tear trailer with a wood powered truck. Great job on the web site Wayne and Chris I’m learning alot.

P.S. thank you Ron and Rhonda for putting it all together we had a hoot.

Yes Perry ,

One needs an over size starter with a wood powered truck!!

just finally got the pix downloaded from the wife’s camera. wish i had taken a lot more. wish we could have stayed longer to meet more people and get to know better the ones we did meet. what a fine bunch of people!

also, we apologize if we woke anyone when we got up at 4am to begin the trip back to Maine. after 3 trains passed by in quick succession, we gave up trying to get anymore sleep…

a few more:
the Jeff Davis gasifier
Mike LaRosa trailer with gasifier

Ron’s tractor
and Terry’s (iirc) truck

“Lest We Forget”
Here is a picture showing the date and place of the 2012 woodgas rally. Thanks again to all who worked to make that happen!
Don M

Hi Don,

Thanks for bringing this one back up. We need to start thinking about the next meet. Back to Indiana? Further south?

We can start by posting our locations to get an idea of where we’d all be coming from. Here’s a map, pin your location on there and we’ll see what’s in the middle.

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Hi Don I am glad to have met you there. We really had a good time !!

Hello Ron,

Yes , and we both are still smiling from the event .
Thanks again for a great job.