Argos 2018 T-Shirts!

Better late than never: with a small fanfare and a sense of urgency, I present the order form for the promised T-Shirts. The asking price is $15,00 each, to be picked-up in person at Argos, C.O.D. If you stated on the meetup-sign-up form that you wanted shirts, please still fill out this form to make it official. I would like to get the blank shirts ordered soon for obvious reasons!
Imagine if you will this image on the back of an athletic grey t-shirt. They will also have “2018 Woodgas Meetup” on the front lapel.

Argos 2018 Casual Frame



Thanks Mike, got mine order up.

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OK! Ordering blank shirts today or tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who filled out an online form. (see above) I will get a few extras, but only popular sizes.
Mike :checkered_flag::checkered_flag::checkered_flag:
P.S. : Tonight is a busy family one so you probably have till tomorrow!