Article: Beyond oil, 10 common but ignored fuels

You’d think wood pyrolysis would make the list, but no. The author’s ignorance is brought to light in the many comments folks have posted, and yet no one mentions wood gasification. I’m not one to post comments on msn, but perhaps someone should post a link to DOW?

They did call out gasification twice, #2 is “sawdust”, (they even mention Beaver Energy). #6 is trash gasification. But yes, it’s one more poorly researched article on energy, probably trying to bring clicks to their advertising.

Here’s ten non-petroleum sources of energy that the article writers forgot to mention (no particular order)

  • Wood gasification (not just sawdust)
  • Methane from manure.
  • Micro hydro
  • Geothermal power
  • LENR or cold fusion
  • human/animal labor
  • Solar heat
  • Solar light (PV)
  • Tidal / Wave energy
  • Wind

I can’t call these “fuels” that you could directly power a vehicle with. For that we basically have three renewable options: ethanol, veggie oil, and wood. One of these seems more abundant than the others…

Here is a very viable free energy source that is clean, green and could be used by everybody with little change to how we do things now.

This solar hydrogen separates hydrogen from water using solar energy and a catalyst (please note this is not using electricity). The hydrogen gas can be stored, compressed and used to power vehicles which is already being done. Also it is viable for electricity generation and the gas can be stored to use at times when the sun is not shining. 30 Square kilometres of these panels could supply all of Australia’s energy. There is only one hurdle to overcome and that is the cost of production. PV cells where very expensive but now they are very affordable.

Why this has not been progressing more and being used is beyond me.