Article on wood chip storage for energy production

Interesting article Brit,if i could only remember or comprehend for book reading beter,I did read the sommery, and say i actualy learned, a few things today,some good and usefull storege knollege,All good renewable energy news,Thanks

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Yep, that article outlines a big reason why chips are harder to use for fuel in gasifiers. Too many fines mean more water retention, so drying is more difficult than larger chunks. Fungus and rot set in quickly. Leaves and bark are commonly included which make things worse.

I’m sticking with chunks for now…


I recall seeing wood chunks drying on your driveway lol I’m debating whether or not I want to become a Chunky Monkey.

“Brass Monkey, the Chunky Monkey…” : )


Yep, they dry good there… I’ve got too many now for that, I’m just leaving them on blue tarps nearby the chunker. If it would just quit raining for about 3-4 days of hot weather, all of it would be dry.

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Yes sir chris, ibet we have a lot of rain days this year, we got big rain storm sunday,blew down branches all over the place,1 3/4 days power was out.Strange weather and cloud colors,the good news is likely there is more trees down too harvist chunkers.

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Send it on down!

It quit raining here on June 27, and we’ve had 39 days and counting of hot weather - lots of burned grass along the road sides. No charcoal making for me until this passes.


Hi alex good luck with the drout conditions,If we could send some rain your way that would be nice,

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Not sure if this fits on this thread. However, I’ve had good luck storing chunks in a simple chicken wire enclosure. We cut these last winter and stored them this way untill @JocundJake got them two days ago. Ha!, after Jacob got what he could use I just rerolled it smaller, rearranged the floor boards and put the left overs in there again. I’m counting this as one of my successes.
PS. I live in a very dry climate here in Colorado, so you may want to put something better than a tarp over it if you live where it is damp.


I might have to try that! I have a lot of pallets that I could build a shed out of for storing wood, and a tall stack of the plastic liners that go on tail gates that I could use as big shingles. Would be a good rain cover to let the wood dry to a reasonable level in a chicken wire container.