ATTENTION! everyone outside the rust belt, Found one!

I am looking to buy a different truck to use for my slide in unit. What I want is a 93-96 Ford F-150 reg. cab,step side (flare side)bed,5.8(351) auto.,or manual trans. 4x4.I would consider 2wd if nothing else can be found. hoping someone may come across one that has a nicer body than I can find in my area. Thanks, Al

The rust ain’t too bad on this one.

No body panels = no rust.


Wrong bed :grinning:

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sorry, I should have read more closely!!!

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Hey Joseph .

That truck looks very much like my first wood burner . :blush:

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My grandfather would have liked that truck… :scream:


Just wanted to bump up to get more notice, Thanks Al

Hello Al.

I have been searching but no luck yet .

Maybe one will pop up soon.

thanks Wayne, just thought if I keep a reminder up once in a while someone may see something.(power of suggestion) :smirk: thanks again, Al

Bought my donor truck in NC 1994 5.8,auto OD,3.55posi. rears, 4500lbs No RUST!!! :raised_hands: Al


That is a dandy, and I bet it will scoot!

Yes Carl, this truck is very zippy. Had 112000 miles when I bought it. 1 owner, got all maint. records

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Very nice Al!
Can’t wait to see it fitted with a gasifier.

Real good find Al.

Glad for ya :relaxed:

Looks nice Al, They don’t look nothing like that around here