Auto hopper refuel systom

Is any one building a auto feed hopper for the big v8 truck builds,in the premium section useing wood chunks.

I’ve thought about it. Something I’m interested in.

Hi woody , have you got your truck done yet,we may have too build this are selves, it would take some automatic door close inginuity thinking,I think it would be nice feature too add when time permits.chuck some wood in a side slide hatch door,or track a couple bags in at a time.My truck is allmost done,got too bolt some tops on,hinge spring the hopper door, cooling tubes,pluming, Making few bucks used washer dryer sales,before finish and fetch wood before the big ice storm hits about first of the year.Hope Not too bad.My dad just missed the last big one couple years ago on his way too florida. he left just in time too miss,when he woke up too the news,he seen all the people stranded on freeway in GA.born free.

I am working on the mounting bracket for the reactor, then the cooling rack, condensation tanks and plumbing, then dampers and instrumentation. Should be finished in two weeks.

HI BRIAN,If you are lucky,I said that 6 month ago and hit too many snags,when timeing was good too finish, GOOD LUCK,should work good with all the excellent learning from the drive on wood experiance.All so i want too get some high temp paint on inside of hopper and fire tube house too see how well it sticks.
THAT BARBIQUE paint seems too have baked real nice too plentom adaptor in oven,it was only about 10.00 bucks a quart,maybe gallon is cheaper havent checked hardware store yet.caint thin much or it degrades the quality.its worth a try too keep rust down long as posible.I should have bought at least a gallon.