Axle for chunker

Hi everyone, I’m new to wood gasification and am in the planning and parts gathering phase. While searching for a truck, I found a 1994 Dakota frame and rear axle. Would the 7.25” axle be stout enough for a chunker if I stick with smaller pieces?Thanks.

Hello Daniel and welcome to the DOW.

You may want to read over this thread of Chris’s .

Lot of info on the chunkers

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I will check that thread out. This chunker would be PTO driven (540 RPM) and I may have a lead on an inexpensive transfer case that I could use to slow the wheel RPMs down.

I’m definitely early on the learning curve so it may be worth trying just for the experience. I guess I’m just eager to start some part of the wood gas truck process while I’m collecting material for the rest.

Thanks for the input.

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Yes i have a axel chunker, its a 3500 old ford truck axel,mine has about a 350 gear, waynes axel chunker has a 600 gear, his came out of a bigger truck. The old new holand hay bailer gear box makes a nice beefy reduction gear box as well. long as you chunk the wood that is green, it will chunk easyer.The dryer harder wood might need too be table sawed.if axel is on the lighter side like my 3500 axel, mine has an extra reduction shaft too reduce the gearing below the 350 gear. i could chunk 2" branch, though i only have a tired 1 hp electric motor. 2 hp works better if useing electric motor chunking.


I have an F350 axel chunker with a belt driven tire on the input pinion and a 2 HP 1800 rpm electric motor,driving a 12” OD 3/16” cutting wheel.
It runs at about 33 rpm and with green wood can comfortably chunk 2” limbs.