Back in the saddle

After a prolonged “vacation,” I have an itch to build a new gasifier and try a few things… Good to be back. Catching up on a bunch of interesting posts.


It is good to see you are going to build a new gasifier. Welcome back to DOW.


Nice work troy, hope you enjoy your new adventures redesignings- wood gas or charco powered vehicles.I am working on getting a dakota done before spring time on a mostly WK wood gas truck. I changed some oif the plumming too get around the drive shaft, since i lowered the unit about 4 inch below the frame rail, I got too put a side port cleanout soon next.And i used a insulated burn tube on this one- i will see how long the inner burn tube housing last, i might have too go back too WK design burn tube with the cooling /preheat set up design, if a SS inner burn tube dont last long enough insulated behind it,or i might try a ceramic burn tube mix or best fire cement mixture i can gather.


Welcome back Troy! I’ve merged your old accounts into your new one.