Bad flame experience

A good flame is a nicely coloured flare, a bad flame is the flare blower burning after everything has been stopped and you are walking away. Apparently I made a fairly common newby mistake when I flared my basic canister without a valve in the flare line, stopped the blower and then walked away. Luckily it was dark and I looked back while I was still close enough to stop my yard from starting on fire. I will probably even salvage the blower, took it apart tonight thinking I might salvage the motor and found the impeller intact and only slightly damaged. The casing is fixable so with a bit of glue and a new flange I should be able to use it and go back to experimenting in free time that I don’t have. Such is life.


HI Wyatt, Welcome to the woodgassers school of hard knocks! Good lesson to learn and looks like it wasn’t too expensive either, At least your system didn’t have enough of an air leak to allow the wood gas to burn back into the filter. That can make for a VERY lively situation, kind of like a KABOOM.
Gary in PA


Uhg!!! Another one toasted…