Ball and Chains

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Well put Mr Wayne!

I didn’t notice the ball and chain much till I got this gasser, and then when you have to park it for 3 days to rebuild the hopper gasket / puffer lid it hurts! I don’t want to go anywhere!

Great well said simple video!

Wayne, It took a half hour or so to get it to go and I could not rewind it. Is that a prize from your days working at the prison ?? Looks ancient … Mike

Hey Wayne
Looks good. Thanks for keeping it short - same half hour here MikeL but worth it. eh?
Anybody wanting to build on this get an old fuel pump nozzle and hose to use as the gasoline visual. For most nowdays this is the feel it in the pocket book Real now.
Ha! Have the hose end sucking up dollars disappearing, Gone, By-By.
Steve Unruh

How about this one Steve

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Tom, That’s cute … Mike