Beautiful and the beast

Just across the street from me.


I dislike the days are so short because you miss all the wonderful light and brightness reflected.
It is clean and fresh ( hides the dog poo )
It covers the decay of fall.
I makes the itchy bad things go away ( like tics flies ect )
Protects us from invasive species ( that will not tolerate the cold )
Ice and frost are not so bad once you are used to them…


More snow :snowboarder:
Amen to that, Wallace. I grew up smack dab in the shadow of Mount Morris in the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks. Give me snow over black flies and horse flies any day. We had a fish shanty off shore in front of our house, a shooting range across the street and a ski slope on Mount Morris behind the house a mile or so as the crow flies. Paradise for a kid, I was so blessed. Pepe


I downloaded your picture to use it as wallpaper. Very nice!!!


Thank Abner,
I was hoping for more orange but as you can see the bottom of the sun is just touching the apparent horizon.
5 minutes earlier it was too bright, but yes I really like it as it turned out.