Big tiny home trailer with woodgas car and generator?

So I’m building a completely off grid, tiny home trailer (if you havnt seen them, its worth a google right now)
28 foot long ( large, lots of weight) will weigh anywhere from 12,000 to 16,000 pounds.
So I was going to make a big ol wood gasifier on the side of the house to power the car pulling it and power the house when solar panels are down.
Does anyone know the effect of wood gas on a cars torque? And can you compensate for more torque but less speed if necessarY?
I’m doing this in south america Ecuador, lots of windy roads so highway speeds with the house at MOST will be 45 mayybe 50 mph.
Any ideas? Comments? Suggestions for type of car? There are a lot of oldschool land cruisers down here.

Good morning Mr. Hall and welcome to the site.

First one should consider driving on woodgas you could loose 30 - 50% of the torque, This should not be a problem if you blend in some gasoline when more torque is needed . If your vehicle has low enough gears and speed is not a problem one can down shift enough giving up speed for torque or pulling power.

Personally I would not consider building a gasifier on the house but mounted in the bed of a truck . If I was towing a draw bar type trailer I would want the vehicle to weigh as much as the trailer . One can tow much more if it is a gooseneck type connection or same load using a smaller vehicle.

Below is a video of pulling a drawbar type trailer . The load and the truck weigh near the same