Blower for Ben Peterson Wood Gasifier?

Does anyone know where I can find the blower needed to build the Ben Peterson Wood Gasifier? Looking for where to buy and what the specs are. The websites don’t work and I can’t find any brand or part numbers. Would appreciate your help. Thank you, Tom


Hello Tom and welcome to the DOW ( drive on wood ) site .

I don’t know anything about the blowers for a Ben Peterson machine but below are the blowers I have been using for many years

Thanks Wayne


Get a hold Steve Honkus, he is building Bens systems.

Another option is to get the AmTek blower motors. These are very powerful blowers. They are AC but a small inverter from Harbor Freight can run them on battery. They are nice as you have the option of both AC or DC.


Hi, I just got a similar one from China using Alibaba.

The one mentioned in Ben’s book is only available in 200 unit amounts.