The racecar guys use them for cooling the brakes. On boats they are for ventilating the engine room fumes, to keep any fuel vapors from building up and causing an explosion danger.

I remember when we first ordered from them en masse, they didn’t know what hit them… several of us got calls asking if our credit cards had been stolen. Who in their right minds would want 7 bilge blowers?? :smile:


Thanks chris now i know what them bilge blowers are originaly used for.

What is the level of blank-off vacuum (suction) of one of those bilge blowers?

Pete Stanaitis

Hello Mr. Pete .

I tested some at one time and if I remember correctly they would pull about 1-1/2 inch of water per blower

Thank you, Wayne.

Now I see why you stack them up.

Pete Stanaitis

Hi Abe,
Keep your garage sale eyes open for a bump house fan. I got one for $8 or $10. The motor is completely isolated from the fan housing. You can see how I adapted it here: click on All categories on the left side of the log in page (Forum). Then click on Small engines. Now scroll down to “My first small engine run” and go to comment #401 for how I did the adaption. You can probably find some way to glue or epoxy this together also.You also may be able to find a speed controller for the motor. These motors are sealed to the weather.
You can see it run here:


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Yes, I agree that the bump house or “bounce house” blower is a good blower for a gasifier as long as you don’t try to use it with hot gas.

I have one that I use as my backup for my JXQ-10 system. And we bought a couple of them to use for our iron smelting runs. They seem to work just fine for continuous duty. There are a few different styles, so look around for the style that is easiest to convert for connections to the suction side.

Pepe is talking about the price of a USED one. They can get pretty expensive if you have to buy them new.
Look carefully at the power. I think you will want one that is rated at 600 watts or more.
There are many of them on ebay, but I have had pretty good luck using my local online auction house.
You need to find the seller whose bounce house has failed and has only the blower left and doesn’t know what to do with it.

Pete Stanaitis

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