What do you guys use for a blower? Any cheap ones out there that I could use? I should note that I will be using charcoal only with a gas cooler, so the gas should be fairly cool.

Would something like this work?

I started with those but they didn’t last long, and don’t move as much air as these 4" .

I think $100 order is free freight.

P.S. I have no experience with charcoal gasifiers.

what about them didn’t last long, Carl?

I don’t know if it is just general brand quality or what. We need more blower capacity then maybe you do on charcoal, so they might work just fine for you. Another thing is that charcoal gas is much cleaner than what we make at times. Mine were pretty dirty when they failed.

I’ve got one already, so I’ll use it for testing, but I’ll make sure and put a good filter before it. I do think tars and stuff will definitely take their toll on these plastic blowers. I’m sure if the blades get enough gunk on them, that would stress the bearings.

Ok, so I’ll just be careful with it, I’ll just be using it to flare and testing.

I mount mine so they are not continuously in the gas stream. I had two fail before I started doing so. I put a "Y in the line that has the direct leg going towards the engine. The other leg goes to a 45 degree bend,( bring the line of this leg parallel to the original gas line), then the blower, then a 45 deg. bend and into another “y” that has the main leg going to the engine. TomC

The model Carl put up is 240 CFM compared to the 100 CFM rating of the brand you posted
Thanks Carl, I will be copying that post to my thread for future use

I moved my blowers from the continuous gas stream as Tom and others have done.
Mine are connected to the gas pipe going into the filter by using a two inch ball valve. The blowers have a removal cap to help keep the rain out.
Pat H

How much CFM do I need for a small charcoal gasifier for a 10 hp engine?

Abe I don’t know how many CFM’s it is but I use a small 12 volt car vacuum to start both of mine. IT usually takes less than a minute. I have never flared gas I just go by the smell. If engine does not start instantly I suck on it a little more. I attach the vacuum as close to the carb as possible. On my latest I have a filter box attached to the carb and my air intake valve is mounted on it. That valve is where I hook my vacuum. hope this helps.

I don’t think the CFM of a blower in open air is what one should use to decide which blower to use. I think I’d want to know how much suction I NEED vs how much suction the target blower can produce.

Pete Stanaitis

Is this the one we ike?? Seems like a good price, with free shipping.

Do you use 4" blowers and reduce them down to 2"? If so, how much capacity air flow do you lose that way compared to 3" reduced to 2"? I think 3" Seachoice blowers put out 170 cfm unrestricted.

I think Roush Yates still has them for $17 and free shipping over $100.

This is true Chris. I just ordered some from there and payed 17 each with free shipping. Ordered on a Monday got them on a Wednesday.

You’re right Don, I used the ones with the 4" body and a reduced end.

Detmar 574 or Seachoice 41851

Seachoice 41841 is 4" straight thru.

I still have a couple of Seachoice 41851 blowers here new in the box. I bought 5 of them and 3 are dead … The brush holders just fell apart in them … I would guess biodegradable plastic was used … 2 of the 3 were near new and had NO soot or moisture in them … I carry one in my truck for backup … Mike

Just a note, these are still available from the same folks, 3 years later, for the same price - $17 each. Free shipping isn’t offered anymore, but if you’re near Mooresville NC you can pick them up in person.

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I like the review you submitted on their website Chris. :slight_smile:

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Hi chris just woundered what they use the fans for on race cars and boats, Thanks.:angry: