Brian Woodrow's 1973 F-350 DRW

This is the public thread for my truck; I’ll continue posting in my premium member’s thread when it comes over to this side. I have absolutely no access to the old site anymore.

In the last few weeks I have buttoned up the rear brakes, welded up the drop hitch, painted the frame, moved the flatbed 28 inches off the cab to make room for my gasifier, and flashed the 7x9 foot flat with drum metal to waterproof it. I am currently working on the cab back, and then I will finish and mount my gasifier. Here is a photo of my truck after I built my toolboxes and flat bed Summer 2013:

This truck was a basket case when I bought it. It was headed to the scrap heap. The previous owners did not believe in vehicular maintenance, apparently. I needed a cheap truck at the time, and I figured that a little love would go a long way, and that I could improve the functionality little by little, and also the value would increase little by little, if I needed to some day sell it. Better plan than buying new where the value drops fast really quickly!

Here is a current photo of the truck:

Yeah, baby! I never knew I would have this much fun building a vehicle. Here’s room for the new gasifier. Just needs some paint to cover that old cream-colored patch I couldn’t reach before, and we’re golden!

I recently buttoned up the rear end. Out with the old:

And in with the new: I pressure washed, primed, and painted the innards of my rear drum brakes. From the very beginning I started cleaning and painting whatever I worked on. It leaves my fingerprints behind, and it gives that new vehicle feeling. Differential cover painted when I first changed the gear oil, brake booster painted yellow when I replaced it. And etc.

After the brakes, the frame, and the flatbed, I also changed the timing set. Took it out on the big road. WOW. That was the problem with the engine. Got her up to 80 miles per hour (in the 90 zone, like Wayne says) and had power in reserve. She loves to scream when I put my foot down. Feels like a rebuilt engine. I love it.

Hi BrianW
I missed the part about what WAS “That’s what was then problem with that engine”
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I stopped ALL reading there when I could no longer text responded in the way that I write/speak without being continually 403’ed forbidden to post…
Steve Unruh

Steve, I never mentioned the timing chain problem in the forums. I don’t complain much. I could never get the engine idle set right, even after replacing the carburetor with a re-manufactured unit. I always got horrible acceleration, and power was lacking. The reman carb helped a little, but I still needed to set the idle high to keep from dying all the time. Spitting, popping, and grumbling whenever letting off the throttle from sloppy timing chain. Now I got much more power, more stable idle, and much less popping when letting off the throttle to shift. Doesn’t hardly die at red lights.

I was worried about the power loss when moving from gasoline to wood. I could get up to 70 mph on gasoline before, so I thought I could get up to 50 mph on wood. Now I expect to have the same power on wood as I used to have on gasoline with the retarded valve timing / sloppy timing chain.


Finished the bodywork and paint today.

Next comes mounting my black cooling rack. That should look interesting.

Looks good Brian. Might be fighting to keep it clean though? Charcoal, soot and tar? I like the flat bed too.

Thanks, Bill. About keeping it clean; I haven’t washed my truck but once or twice in two years, and it still looks pretty good. I haven’t finish painted the whole truck yet, either. It’s just a couple coats of rattle can paint that is obvious to see by looking close. The gasifier will be painted black, and I will just have to use it for a while with the gasifier installed to see if I can get by without covering my truck in tar. I can say that my door gets pretty dirty with finger prints from my dirty hands, but I could clean that if I wanted to. It’s not a show truck, it’s a work truck. Maybe if I use gloves to refill and service the gasiifier, and then take them off, I can keep the truck clean? We will see.

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Took the plastic off the window today to go to work. Paint is still a little tacky. I just LOVE how I can hit it with a rattle can and make it look 50/50 good: at 50 miles per hour from 50 feet away.

Hey Brian, where is your snow? I thought your area had a big storm. Truck looks better than 50/50 to me, even standing still!

Thank you, Don for the kind words. As for the snow, it was warm yesterday and the ice melted from off the trees. If you look closely in this photo you can see the ice on the ground to the left of the yellow truck body behind the chain link gate.

There was an ice storm last week that put a layer of ice on the trees and such. Many pine branches broke off. We had an oak tree lose a branch in our front yard. I think it’s good for business, but most people in the south don’t like the ice and snow. Only lasts a week or two, what’s the big deal? Of course, it’s -41 with windchill where my family is in Saskatchewan. There are worse things in life…

I installed my reverse lights back on my truck after my flatbed rebuild. Is the truck facing me or facing away from me? They are actually headlights, or fog lights, connected to the reverse light switch on my transmission. I wanted high quality reverse lights.

Now I only have the antenna seal to replace, and a small patch on the driver’s seat to fix with black caulking. Then I can get to work on the gasifier again. Oh, the gasifier! Right! That thing that I haven’t touched in two months! Yes. I was building the wood hopper. I also need to rebuild the variable choke plate.

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I would suggest ordering an O2 sensor bung at the same time that you order your sensor. Yesterday I went to five hardware stores and two auto parts stores before finding one on eBay for $2.

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I cannot post a picture here, but today I finished my cooling pipes and tacked them to the hopper.

Are you getting an error? Is the photo under 1 MB?

I haven’t tried to post one. This is a public forum, and that is proprietary information.

By the way, Chris, you’re Johnny-on-the-spot tonight. I admire your extensive knowledge and work ethic. Keep it up.

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