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Known issue: Avatar uploads aren’t working.

You can use a Gravatar instead, or wait until it’s fixed. http://gravatar.com

Not a bug, guess it is a feature so feature request. AFTER carefully entering a new post with several pictures, was notified new users get only one picture per post, and posting was apparently abandoned. Would be nice to have the limitation known up front.

Hi Doug,

Sorry about that. Yes, we have some limitations on new users but there really should be a notification about them.

The good news is newbie purgatory is very short. After a few posts and a little reading time, you’re a basic user with full posting rights.

Morning ChrisKY. My hearts and kisses is now enabled.
Just tried out the PM function and was forbidden to send. A still to be earned right? Accessed this through the Flag menu.
Steve Unruh

PMs go through the user card. Click the person’s name, and then the blue button “Private Message”.

Newbie purgatory restricts this function, for safety reasons. You have to be a “Basic User” to use PMs, which you are now. Give it another try.

Not sure why but a lot of the post are not showing up as unread. Still trying to figure out the new system.


Hi Marvin,

Not sure on that one. I’ll look into it.

Avatars uploads work fine now.

I’m getting new post notifications from the system. I believe what’s happening is the system is placing the photos on the posts, and when that happens, it’s treating it like a new post. So once the transition from the old Drupal system to Discourse is complete, there will be no new post notifications that are based on old posts.

Figured this out Marvin, it’s a per-user setting. Go to your user preferences, and put in the categories you want “tracked”. This could be all of them if you like.

You can also set New to mean anything you haven’t read yet.

By default, if you didn’t start it, read awhile in it, or post in it, you won’t be notified about it.

Yes. Ignore these for awhile. You’ll also see lots of unread posts for the same reason.

You can clear your unread count by going to “Unread” and clicking “dismiss posts” at the top right.

Website is still processing posts, so things are still a bit slow.

You’ll probably notice a long wait for emails like password resets. No point in requesting it multiple times, it just confuses the system, and won’t come any faster. I know this because I’m watching the mail go out on the back end.

Anticipate the massive jobs to finish up around 1AM tonight. Things will be faster tomorrow!

Hi Chris,
I was just cruising thru the Store and noticed some links that don’t work or get a DNS message. They are 1. The All Power Labs link, 2. Beaver Energy link- DNS, 3. International Supply link-404 and 4. TEI Shell Kits, link highlights, but no response to click.

Hi Pepe,
Thanks for the report. Everything seems to be working here. Can you try them again?

Hi Chris,
I’m in Stores, Classifieds.

  1. A P L, link doesn’t highlight when moused over
  2. Vulcan, link doesn’t highlight when moused over
  3. Sean French, link highlights, but no response
  4. Beaver Energy, link highlights, then DNS
  5. International Supply, link highlights, then 404
  6. TEI, link highlights, but no response
  7. LEAF Gasifier, works OK

Hi Pepe,

I’m sorry I just can’t reproduce it. What browser are you using? Are you logged in or not?

Try flushing your DNS cache: http://www.hostmysite.com/support/info/flushdns/

Also try it in a different browser and report back.

Can somebody else please verify this?

Thanks for your help

They worked for me I am using Firefox.

Hi Chris,
I was logged on for all tests. I was able to flush computer DNS cache. I tried Firefox and Yahoo for all tests.

  1. APL now gets a “loading discussion” remark at the bottom left. Left it for a few minutes, but no reaction, “loading discussion” remained. link highlights but no reaction.
  2. Vulcan same as above
  3. Sean French gets “loading discussion”. link highlights, no reaction.
  4. Beaver Energy gets “loading discussion” highlights OK- DNS message. This is the only site where the “loading discussion” remark disappears.
  5. International Supply gets “loading discussion”, highlights OK, 404 message.
  6. TEI gets no “loading discussion” remark. Highlights link OK, no response.
  7. Leaf Gasifier gets “loading discussion” remark. highlights OK, site uploads OK.
    ,Hope this helps,