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I have a Dell pad — it is upstairs so I can’t tell you the model. I can open the home page, but the “forum” will not open from there. I think at one time you said that is the nature of the beast, but I thought I would ask again. TomC

OK, I need more info. What OS (guessing Android?) and what browser (guessing Chrome?)

If so, it may be related to Kristijan’s bug.

Chris when you fixed the scroll bug just recently the chat window on my android phone with crome as the browser developed a bug in how it displays. When I open the chat it shows the full display as the chat with a text section at the bottom and below that there is a window with some posts that the scroll bar moves but there is only half a line of text so you can’t read it. If I click in the chat text box to enter something the keyboard on the phone comes up and the chat window don’t shrink to the top if the screen so the text box is behind my keyboard and I can’t see what I am typing to try and chat.

Hi Dan, I have Android / Chrome here and it seems to work fine. Everything you say is by design, except it’s supposed to shrink the chat bar when the keyboard comes out.

Do a full page refresh, it might clear up.

Seems obvious but I must ask… are you using the phone vertical or horizontal? Vertical is the only way you can see both keyboard and chat.

Try switching back to the stock Google keyboard if you’re using something else.

Hi Chris
I am using it vertically. But the problem is probably that I am using an old samsung s4 which is way out of date. If I upgrade I have to get rid of my unlimited data plan but I am about to do that anyway I don’t need it for data the way I did in the past. Just figured I would mention it in case it was an issue for anyone else. I am ok with saying it is just the age of my phone.
Besides that chat thing would probably just take me away from other stuff I should be doing. :smiley:

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S4 is not that old, it should work fine. Chrome is still being updated.

Something to try, save the site to your home screen, using the Chrome menu. It’s pretty convenient, but also gives you some more screen space without the URL bar.

If anyone else confirms the bug I’ll take a closer look. Calling Android/Chrome users, please try using the live chat from your phone.

There is an add to home screen but it didn’t seem to change anything at all. As I said not too big a deal.
OK rebooted and enters from the home page now I can get to the chat but the keyboard is deathly slow like it has to bounce every char off the server on Mars and get a reply back before it will take the next char. This is only a speed issue in the chat.

The last update sort of broke the website theme, I’ll have to look at it later. Everything should still work though.

Fixed! There’s a brand new theming system in the admin panel, had to import the old CSS tweaks. Another awesome feature from the folks at Discourse!

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Hi Chris,

Just notifieing that the forum has worked without a flaw on my android smartphone for a week or two now! No more blank page.

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Hey Chris, can I upload a photo to my Picture Profile by dragging it from a OneDrive window? When I do it, it just opens the picture and covers the whole screen. Doesn’t seem to end up in the profile…

Edit: I got it. I moved it into “pictures” on the pc library and then it copied right in…

The only bugs I need to report are the mosquitoes, deer flies and horseflies.


hahaha…Mexican bean beetles, squash vine bores, stone-eye grass hoppers, stink bugs, …we didn’t have much freeze this year so they are all really bad…Who do we report them to?


@#$%^^@! black flies, very small, all mouth. Punkies, smaller yet, but more % mouth. Did I mention ITCHY!

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Chris, Am I going crazy or did you just erase a new post? Can’t remember what it was called. Violated user terms? Irrelevant to me but want to make sure it’s not my machine…

Yes, there was a spammer that posted. I saw you had replied to him, but I still deleted the post. Sorry for any confusion.


Not a problem for me. I realized he was a bit different after I responded. I haven’t a clue what he was talking about.

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Due to a bad update, the site was screwy for about an hour. If you were trying to use the forum and got a white page, it was us, not you.

All better now. :blush:


I have a login issue which isn’t a big deal and it may be intentional because I am a known spammer. :slight_smile: If I try to login, it says cannot login from that IP address. If I wait about a minute, then it logs in just fine. It is annoying but if it is there for a reason, that is fine too.

I also have an issue with youtube not showing the video right away either and it takes 3-4 retries to get it to load, which makes me wonder if the issues are related somehow.

I have been having this same trouble on my IPAD but not on my phone