Bugger the Bankers

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About ten years ago when my two boys were young, were watching a show on the discovery channel. I sat in a lazy boy and a boy on each side of me on the arms of the chair ( a typical scene during TV time). The topic was why Australian people had a similar accent to the Britain’s. I explained to them that they were shipped over there because of overloaded prisons in England. One boy asked why they were in prison so we looked it up. A common offense listed was ’ buggery’. This was the first time I heard of that, so I looked it up. I was unable at the time to explain to them the definition, due to their age. A Dad usually has all the answers.

I submit that an excellent start on one’s journey to bugger the bankers, politicians, bureaucrats, policymakers and bylaw writers is to declare one’s energy independence by building a gasifier.

The next steps would be in the form of a Claim of Right, a rejection of the government’s offers to contract with us in a form that makes them the dispensers of privilege and acceptors of your waiver of rights.

What I mean is that there are precise ways in which policymakers have deceived us and caused us to waive our rights under threat and duress, in order to contract with us in such a way as we consent to giving up our rights. This happens every day of the year, year in and year out. I maintain that our ongoing and repeated consent is required to enforce statues, and that we can remove their jurisdiction by individually withdrawing and refusing consent.

One example is the driver’s licence. A licence is permission to do something that is not unlawful, and often we have a right to do. Why would we ask for permission to do something that is our right? That’s what children do. “Mommy, can I have a cookie?”

The fundamental truth is that government derives it just power to govern by the consent of the people. Without consent, there is no jurisdiction. Every transaction of a security interest requires consent.

In keeping with the traditional do-it-first leadership principle that Wayne Keith embraces, I resolve not to write endlessly about theories and possibilities, but to report what I have actually done, and my results and experiences.

So, I will report that I am staying in Nashville, TN, peaceably enjoying the exercise of my divine right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. How I came to be here is of little importance; suffice it to say that it was not my intention to stay, and that circumstances beyond my control led to my present situation. I must, however, disregard certain federal and state statues that would require me to do certain things, because legal logic can only lead to the conclusion that such statutes either have the force of law and are therefore inapplicable insomuch as they would deny me my fundamental rights to live and travel here, or they do in fact apply to me according to the intention of the crafters of those statues, and they are therefore null and void ab initio, since no satute can be construed so as to deny a human being of their fundamental rights.

In other words, I am here peaceably, and there is nothing anyone can do about it until I commit a crime, or choose to leave. “You’re not the boss of me.” Ha. And anyone who would exercise undue power over me can bugger themselves.

Watch it on the politics/law-bending. We’re not here to solve the world’s problems, we’re here to discuss gasification. Even the off-topic area has limits.