Building large Gasifier

Building large Gasifier, 10 in. x 24 in drop tube reactor. Just wondering about access pressure. Vent it? Should I run gauge on it?

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Welcome to the site Red. I like your last name. Really not enough information to answer your question. Need to know more about your design.


Hi Red,
It seems like most raw wood gasifiers are vented using a poof cover, which is usually just a barrel lid held down with springs. But the charcoal gassers usually don’t vent, and get away with it. I would say it’s always safer to vent. Like cheap insurance.
I assume 10" diameter, 24" nozzle to restriction?


Normally speaking the gasifier does not create pressure, the system is under vacuum, and not a whole lot considering it is best measured in Water Column.


Howdy, Rindert, I messed up on measurements, drop tube is L22in.x8.5 I.D. Am an ole fart lol As Large as I have built it was`nt sure of excess gas. It design from downdraft Fema/gasifier or close to it.


The FEMA really isn’t the best design to go off of. It’s possible sometimes to modify it into an Imbert design but it’s usually worth the effort to just build a new one.

Do you have any pictures of it?


I guess a good question to get out of the way is what do you intend to power with your gasifier? Will you be burning the gas in an internal combustion engine? What size is it? Or do you intend to burn the gas in a burner for a heating application? The best operating gasifier are sized to the job. FEMA gasifier are only for short term extreme emergency builds. They will cause lots of tar (stuck valves) with an engine. You can look on here in the library concerning more reliable Imbert style gasifiers.