Bulk wood gasifier

I was doing a thought process on building a gasifier for a car or truck that wouldn’t need chunked wood, but would work with logs or scrap wood in greater sizes.
The goal is actually to create a system that works with what people have laying around without much processing before it is used in the gasifier.

So I came up with a system that is partially filled with processed charcoal and partially rather unprocessed wood. Processing or carrying charcoal seems easier to me than doing that with wood.

I made a drawing of my idea. I will leave it to that for now. Hopefully we can brainstorm and find some flaws and solutions for this design!


this has been around for quit some time a few years anyway as a wood type stove . hasnt taken off sorry i couldnt find the artical. i have seen it some were in my files.

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Use the magnifying glass search icon and load up “Log Gasifier?”.
This was back in 2013.
Mine. And others experiences, and comments are there.

The short answer is it can be done. The conversion efficiency sucks badly. I broke my heart for 2-3 years trying to up the efficiency conversion; and reduce the hands-on needed to keep the reduction zone settled in and working.
Pre-chunking up the bulk fuel wood gives these advantages. The time invest there is well spent.

No-process of irregular bulk wood is better made into fuel-charcoal in my opinion.
Primary in-house bulk woodstove heating I have found I can heat convert most any irregular wood chunks, chips, even wood dusts. Efficiently. Since the goals there are no-visible-smoke, and heating. A 3.0 cubic foot fire box. And 500 pounds of iron, brick and glass thermal driving mass does the trick.
Ha! And then wasted 2 years thinking thermal-mass was the trick way to woodgas-for-engines.
Process steps understandings and fulfilling is.
Good thinking. You got these down.

Steve Unruh