Burning Dimensional Lumber ..not a good thing?

I just come across this, we were talking bout this a little in the chat last night …
I thought this was pretty interesting , and may explain premature failure on some areas of a gasifier .


Another short interesting paper on the subject …

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Johnny, I rarely see dimensional lumber scraps here as most people that make them, burn them themselves. Lots of outdoor boilers here. When I do get some, I usually save anything that might be useful on household projects. I have cut up a bunch of odd stuff that couldn’t be used for anything else and it runs things just great. I would love to have a supply of 4 to 6 inch pieces of 2X4’s to just cut up. I never burn treated lumber. Sean (& Bruce) French was running cut up docking in his first truck or two. Maybe this had something to do with his first melt down as it must have been full of salt. mmmmm Good topic. I hope he reads this and comments, Mike

i burn chipped kiln dried dimentional lumber… soft wood… I haven’t seen any issues with it to date… but i’ll keep my eyes open