Burning wood and slinging mud


I had some folks come by the farm and got stuck.

If they tell that they were pulled out by a wood burner they may not be trusted any more.


I’m a Ford man, and something about that picture just isn’t right !!! A Dodge pulling out a Ford,… Typical !! Ha, Ha, Ha,…

At least the Dodge is a “Wood Burner” !!

Ken Winiarski
Foret Twp, Maine

Hi Ken & Wayne, FORD is short for F__ked Over Rebuilt Dodge … or Fix Or Repair Daily … My wife just bought a Pontiac … Poor Old N____r Thinks It’s A Cadillac … Maybe we could add some of these to our acronym section … Just kidding … ML
PS, Wayne had nothing 4WD last time I was there. I could not have made it into his place without 4WD the night I got there … Severe thunderstorms and 8" of water flowing over the road. It was mud mud mud after that and when I got back to Wisconsin, a foot and a half of snow was gone and in his pasture …

I certainly don’ want to insult anyone, but doesn’t DODGE mean “Drips Oil, Drops Grease Everywhere” ?

Or am I mistaken???

Best regards,


Three woodgas acronyms should put it to bed.

FORD = Figured out running deadfall

DODGE = Don’t only drink gasoline everyday

CHEVY = Can have energy victory, yes!

Hey Sam,

I think we could add " leaks water " also on the dodge.

I have been having to add a little water to the work truck but couldn’t find where it was going. About the last week anywhere I parked the truck there were already mud and water. I was able to spot it today , water pump. I don’t know if this was the first but it has 167,000 miles on it.

Labor Day 2006

Old pictures

Old truck

Primitive gasifier

Great BBQ

You didn’t set a trap for the ford did you?

OK Folks,

Now I have to get my 2 cents worth in on this joke!

Now, I’m a High School Automotive Instructor, and we work on many different makes of vehicles and trucks. I sort of know what I’m talking about. Each one has it’s merits and pitfalls, so lets not go “Mud Slinging” a certain brand !! (No punn intended,… Title: “Burning Wood and Slinging Mud!”).

I personally have driven some of the best trucks around, and have to admit that some are even better than what I own. But we all have our little “Babies”. Guess it’s just what you were exposed to as a child.

One thing you have to admit, that the Dodge Dakota has a great balance, with it being lightweight, and a large cubic engine for it’s size, and dropped frame, making it perfect for Wayne’s conversion. You can change an engine in another brand of truck to make it close, but this is added work.

All in all, they all have their good and bad things, and we need to accept the other brands, even if we don’t like that brand. Remember, we are all “Wood Gasser’s!”. Just my 2 cents worth.

Ken Winiarski
Forest Twp, Maine

Hello Mr. Marvin .

No traps set for the ford but plenty of mud.

I have always been a ford person , learned to drive with a 36 ford pickup and when I was in high school I had a 48 ford. The only new vehicle I have owned has been a ford ( 73 F100 ) . The first two trucks I gasified were ford trucks. Counting dump trucks and log trucks and cars I guess I have owned about 20.

There are a few reasons with gasification that I like the dodges.

If not for gasification I know I couldn’t afford gasoline for the V-10, and the dakotas with the v-8 are just too over powered.

Locally there is a dakota just like my 92 , short bed , single cab ,318. A 94 YO gentleman owns it and I watch him a few days back as he started off at two different places . He squalled the tires both times and I know he couldn’t help it .

Hey Wayne,

167,000 miles wouldn’t be bad even if it was be the second pump! (Or even the third one!)

You see, I try to make up for the aforementioned Dodge-bashing!

Best regards,


Hey Sam,

I don’t think you could come close with the dodge bashing as my Dad , I should have been too young to remember ( 60 years back ) but my Dad was trying out a dodge and wires started smoking under the dash. He reached under the dash and pulled out a wad of glowing red wires . It looked like his hands had been branded . He said he would never own a dodge as long as he lived , and he kept his word.

Ha! Ha! This vehicle maunfacture prejuduce is all just plain Old Dog, New Dog stuff.

Every auto manufacture decade by decade has gone through dramatic changes in thier manufacturing styles, materials used, and especially thier core philosophies as far as quality and how badly they are willing to force thier loyalist users to change and upgrade to keep thier production lines running, manager bonuses coming and stock investors happy . New VW ain’t at all like old VW. Old always 70 years arrogant GM is now wonder of wonders becoming real world competitively humble for the first time. Could go on and on.
As KenW said when you have to work on them all to put food on your table it is a real eyeopener.

Far best in my life experience to sort out the good from the bad is by the actual vehicle model, not brand. The year of production in that model run - 3rd and 4th year. And what you what it to do for you.
My Ford branch of the family sure have shown me a few crappy Fords models in amongst thier good ones - any EEK III ignited, turboed T-birds, and the spark plug popping “modular” V’s.
Same with the newer Toyota family branch now - earliest Tercel FW trannies, 3.0L headgaskets and 2.2L SOHC oilcookers.
GM family branch all along had thier Corvairs, Vegas, Xmodels and Olds diesels and the later coolant into the oil plastic intake gasketed V-6’s.

Ha! Ha! Late 60’s, most of the 70’s I was the Rebel switched first to MG’s (very unreliable) to Volvo’s and a BMW (spendy to work on) and then drove a lot of Rambler/AMC’s “Almost a Motor Car” 'cause they were free, to dirt cheap to buy. Real cheap for parts. Had resonable fuel sipping engines and power trains. So was the Best for me as a young poor working man in those Stagflation economic times. Never said they were better. Had 2-3 collapsed wrapped around me wrecked with scars to prove it. Sigh. Still Young. Dumb and invincible. Handling and braking on these sucked when pushed hard. Good training for my later spinning top Suzuki Samurai. And I did chose it new as the most fuel sipping reliable personal body on frame 4x4 possible. I was right about that part of it.

We are all smart people. We can actually decide if we going to be trainable Young Dogs or Old dogs with habits.

Save your expensive vehicle brand loyalies for sports teams. Be a whole lot cheaper.
Vehicles - use what is most practical for your actual real needs.

Steve Unruh

Having owned many vehicles Ford, Chevy, Dodges and imports of different decades - I find myself going in cycles sometimes Ford only - then Dodge and a Chevy here or there. I can find bad or good things about most all of them.

FORD in my case - Flip Over Read Directions - Because I seem to find myself rolling most of them while playing around.