Buying a Truck to Power on wood!

Hey there everyone I am a newb at mechanics in general but a quick learner. I am looking at couple different trucks right now. All diesel’s and 4x4s andy suggestions? so far my options are chev 2500, GMC 3/4 , GMC sierra, or an F250
I’m sure they will all have different pros and cons, hopefully you can help me out :slight_smile: I am mainly investing in this vehicle because I plan on farming for the rest of my life and bushwhacking. The Chev sounds like a great truck but the 84 3/4 long box 4 speed for 1,400 is a good one to bargain I believe.

Wayne likes the v10 dodge ram for more than one reason,allthough others have drove them trucks on wood, the maintainance is a bit more trouble.and it wont have as much power on wood.And desiels are not in are dicktionary at drive on wood.desiels are too hi compresion for wood gas i think, I am kind of new too this as my project aint done.I bought the plans and it saved me one big pile of cans,welding rod, cutting supplys, electricity,time, and money, and enjoyed the support of drive on wood designers/builders/There is a very nice team of helpers here.I would have been done in about two months,except had too be working a job to make some change.

Stay away from diesels. If you want a HD work truck, I think the dodge 8.0L 3/4 ton is a nice pick, Wayne has been farming with it for awhile now.

This must be an old link, it says july 12 , I think this means, 2012 year ,not sure though.

lol it does. funny. 20 chars…