Can't Catch a Break

Ever have one of those years where nothing seems to work out?

I seem to be having a decade like that. Way too many steps backwards. It used to be easy to fix any issues that arose; although the last few years it seems to be harder and more difficult to get ahead. I am amazed at how many things have gone wrong recently.

The couple, in the process of purchasing my house, are fine - No Injuries; although the house is a loss. They are now homeless. They intend to try and rebuild; although it will be a major struggle due to Having No Insurance. I hope shelter can be found for them. They spent the last several months dumping every dime they had into fixing up this old house.

Lesson I learned - verify that the purchaser is paying the insurance premiums. My not checking insurance has cost me a large asset and 3/4 of my income.

I am glad no one was injured.

Hello Wayne ,

Sorry to hear of the bad luck and glad no one was hurt.

Thanks Wayne.

They have decided to keep the place and are currently living in the garage - they plan to turn the garage into a house and tear the house down.
They have heat and are renting porta john; although they still need water. For now they can carry water from the well house to the garage.
I will be delaying payments for a few months so they can purchase materials needed to convert the garage.
I believe it will work out for them.