Car coils - MAGRAV energy

Having 20 plus years in electronics, computer and network services, I was very skeptical of the new idea passed on to me several months ago. Two copper coils simply wound, one clockwise (cw) and the other counterclockwise (ccw) and then treated to create a nano coating. This coating can be done over a wood or coal fire, in a hot crock pot or the cold method in a plastic container. All 3 methods take a bit of time but the end results are well worth the effort.

Why would you make two coils that you attach only one end of that coil (ccw) to the battery positive and one end of the other the coil (cw) to the negative? The first thing you will notice is a much smoother running engine. While gas mileage improvement on computerized, fuel injected engines at present seems minimal, carburetor and points systems benefit greatly.

Three people with newer vehicles have smoother running engines but little gas mileage increase, one says no change but won’t do actual mileage reading. Another says 20-22% increase. Yet another that won’t do actual mileage checks does see engine smoothness and power increases.

Now on the other hand, a 76-78 Jeep Wagoner plow truck is a far different story. With point and carburetor, mileage has more than doubled, starts right now and idles smoothly. It shook like crazy and was very hard to start. In Minnesota cold the temp gauge had to be on warm before it would idle. Now he hits the key it starts immediately and idles smooth. Also he sees the difference on his amp gauge. When doing a day of plowing the battery used to get run down, he would use headlights as little as possible and same for the heater fan. With headlights and heater fan both on, his plow is more responsive, smoother and no battery recovery problems at all.

For a quick video:

When you first read this and view the video you will be skeptical, I was, but that more than fades quickly.

I just made 6 sets of these last night using the crock pot (hot method) with NaOH and KOH powders. I plan to use these on my home generator, 3 wheeler, 4 wheeler, motorcycle, and if I can find a way to mount them, my chainsaw. I live off-grid and volunteered to house for a friend til the end of March so this will slow me down a little on testing and getting results back.

I have an oscilloscope and plan to monitor the spark signal before and after. I have not tried taking photos of my oscope but if the are not clear I will try to purchase one that will give a good visual image of the changes. I also intend to sound record the before and after. Freeware audacity software will also allow a visual of these soundtracks.

Mehran.T. Keshe of the Keshe Foundation has released all his technologies and patents free for world peace. He says these operate like a mini sun. I say that just like there are hundreds or thousands of radio stations around and we can select the one of many to listen to; our electrical and spark systems naturally tune to the energy needed to have a proper spark ignition in the engine or across the brushes and armature of the generator or alternator from these little nano coated coils. The source of energy goes by many names, aether, zero point, etheric, and etc. but Keshe calls it MAGRAV - magnetic and gravitational energy. This is the future and you can have assist your engines and motors today with it for some hard to believe results.

Has anyone kept track of how far you go on a load of wood or how long your woodgas engine will run? These cois will improve that and with more power than before.

Be more than happy to talk on the phone or email anyone specifically on this. For the little effort it take to try this… well I be glad to hear comments and result.


This is a woodgas forum, and I’m not sure how this device relates to gasification. Please keep any discussion relevant and practical to woodgas use. We’re not trying to save fuel or improve rough idles. Woodgas runs perfectly smooth if the gas is good quality. Build and operate a woodgas engine, and you’ll see what I mean.

You’ll find we’re also quite unreceptive to “free energy” type devices, which this seems to be… Stick to proven well-accepted science please.



I kind of had the understanding that the idea behind the re-emergence of gasification had something to do with energy freedom. As far as, “well-accepted science”, well science said that what has already been done with wood-gas could not be done.

If you truly see no connection between wood-gas and what I wrote and can but use words like free energy devices when here I wrote no such words, then I am surprised to find you doing wood-gas as science wrote it off many years ago. If I am really out of line with my topic then I suggest you (the we above) discontinue my account.

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I notice this is posted in the off topic section. I also remember plenty of posts about gardening, beef, battery restoration, other home projects as well, so I see not reason to censure this particular idea. Many of us here are interested in unusual ideas besides woodgas.


Good morning all.

In defense of Chris I would like to say we did receive a complaint yesterday and we may be putting Chris. between a rock and a hard place.

However I do agree with Andy and the posting being in the off topic section .



Welcome to the site Larry. What I have noticed on this site if someone has an idea to further advance wood has results, they themselves attempt to implement it on their systems. If there are road blocks and it is posted on the site, interested folks will chime in for some suggestions. If a guy is proposing an idea but not willing to cut and weld some metal, the interest diminishes drastically. SHOW us what you have. We would love to see the results and assist you in any way we can. There are a lot of brilliant people on here.


I moved this to the off-topic section, and maybe that’s enough. Sorry if I came off a little harsh…

Bill is correct, we respond very well to practical results. Show us what you got, and we’ll listen.


Larry, I post at the …Energetic Forum… And I post here. Never the twain shall meet. There has been a lot of discussion of all things Keshe at the energetic forum. 2 other sites that cover a lot of area are Online University - Panacea-BOCAF and Peswiki. You would be ahead time-wise to read up on this stuff at a forum that already has an ongoing discussion of whatever subject interests you. The energetic forum covers everything from the paranormal to bio-char. Panacea is focused on creating a better world for our children through energy independence. Peswiki lists emerging technology in the energy sector.
Previously, I signed up for the newsletter at Kurzweil. I unsubscribed after 2 weeks because the overload of information was beyond comprehension.
I like the focus here on one particular technology.
There is one common thread to ALL of these forums. ALL of us are working towards price-deflation in an increasingly expensive world. Energy is the master resource and millions are working to lower the price of energy. This should lower the price of everything if we can just get the extortionists out of the picture.
Wayne, et al have shown us how to lower our cost of energy and transportation. All of this is focused on price reduction, whether it is a bulldozer, sawmill of house.
Canadian crude oil is down to $ 19.90 a Bbl. Oil companies are going bankrupt right and left. In their quarterly report, Exxon reported earnings of $ 2.31 a Bbl. The speculators and tax man are responsible for most of the rest. BIG oil is losing a lot of money and I don’t trust GOV to keep everything running. I’m spending quite a bit of money on my Dakota because I don’t have confidence in GOV.
One of the principles at the Energetic Forum asked me to write on the economy. That is my main contribution there.


My 2 cents here … Most GM vehicles run on wasted spark ignition. 5 volts goes through the primary in one direction and then in the other direction. The same coil sparks 2 plugs / 2 cylinders, one in the compression stroke and one in the exhaust stroke. The sparks run in different directions. This is why platinum plugs are used to prevent errosion of the electrodes. I have found this type of ignition system to be the best for both gasoline and wood gas . It is critical that the coils and plug wires be hooked to the propper plugs at the right time as the spark is DC and not AC and needs to flow properly in the ignition cycle and in the exhaust cycle in the related cylinders. Many mechanics do not realize this. My little red truck gets 35 mpg on gasoline and will go 60 miles on a hopper if I nurse it right … It is OBD2 computer controlled and so I pay little attention to that … Just thought I’d throw my 2 cents in as it seemed relevant … Regards, Mike LaRosa, Linden, WI, USA


Wayne, if Chris gets too froggie we can always “flag” him… Maybe I need to make a set of those rabbit ears for the 300U tractor… :grin:

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William - I have been on Peswiki, Panacea-Bocaf and more and was among the first few to register membership as well. I find your website links astonishing after you wrote, "Never the twain shall meet."I believe in mixing technologies where they compliment one another. Do some members think the car coils are to replace wood-gas? Certainly not my intention. I have personally seen such great results that I felt compelled to share with the forum and never expected to encounter negatives from my post. Disinterest maybe but not opposition to the post. This leaves me more puzzled than trying to figure out how the car coils works. I avoid negatives and time spent on the post seems to be unacceptable so this will be my last post on this subject. Anyone that is interested can contact me directly at [email protected].

It was me.
I made the complaint.
Nothing about in this topic about Wood for Fuel, or Wood for Power, or wood anything.
Wood for energy is WHY I am here.
I plant, grow, and harvest for multiplicity benifits trees. Then repeat again.

It was not originally posted up in the off-topic section.

I already gave away my bound print copy of Joseph Newman
Amazing Energy Machine book.
I gave away my self developed, ripple-less, diode-less, only DC output charging generator. Along with the hand made proof of concept working prototype. What can I say?
After 15 years and 100,000+ individual generators/alternators in hundreds of types and generations of series: repaired, rebuilt, upgraded; I got bored.
I wanted to see where a real-by-god promoter could take it.
No where. All of the powers-that-be are so entrenched into their own concerns that the only thing can be done is to patent. Sell that patent. Take your money, and retire to a tropical island.

Push as an individual even a valid concept and your toe stepping will get attention.
And sooner or later results.
Results you will not like when the knocking comes to your door. The birds of bad luck set apon you keep shitting onto your life.
Remember, even Edison hired professional thugs to reel in his perceived use threats. And he did despicably start and keep “The Electricity’s War” going with planted, advertised and printed out lies. Edison made an ass of himself.
Henry Ford turned his idealistic progressive social back, on the get-it-done management thuggery “Line-driving” bulling in his factories, “to keep the T’s and A’s rolling off for the poor farmers”.

Pointless anyhow. The cheaper energy’s has been made, the more folks, and cultures “full-keg” party-on binge.
The more historically cultures have drifted away from real values such as humanity.

Seems unless the human individual does not at least sweat a little into their daily consumptions then they lose track of human values that should be raising us up above the animals.
No, this does not have to be Hindu knees and hands miles crawling, prostrations.
But, jeeze. A bit more consuption sweat than ordering-in another pizza.
More effort that just flipping more consumption power switches. And let tomorrow pay the bill later.

Easy answer is, “Beware of Geeks Offering Solutions!!”
As energy missionaries: first they have to show you how you have NEEDS - that only They have the solution too.
Bugger that.

Geeking should stay on geeking venues.
DOW is, and should remain, about real world practical to implimate solutions, usable, now, TODAY.
Geeking drifting has what has killed active participating of every woodgas forum to date.
Is the DOW to be next???

Steve Unruh


I’ve got a few objections (complaints, if you will) about this post as well.

  1. Patent fact check: The USPTO does not accept applications for or grant patents of free energy devices. I’m not sure about other countries. Also, US utility patents expire in 21 years, and sooner if the maintenance fees aren’t paid. And, just because an idea is patented doesn’t mean that it works or is practical, or is even valuable. Patents are also public record the instant they are published – anyone can read and interpret the technology for themselves. The patent system only gives certain rights, protections, and legal recourse to the holder, until the patent expires.

  2. How you touch off the fuel air mixture in an internal combustion engine is only a tiny fraction of the overall efficiency of an engine. Before Charles Kettering’s invention, ignition was done other ways that didn’t involve electricity at all. There was “hot bulb” ignition, among others. Platinum-based hot surface ignition is still present today in model airplane engines. And diesels still don’t use an electrical spark even to this day.

  3. Anytime I hear about the conspiracies, the patent buy-outs, the repressions of technology by the oil companies, I don my skeptic filter. Consider a few facts about the high-efficiency carburetor stories that went around a few decades ago: There is x amount of energy potential in all fuels. What about propane-powered engines? They don’t use a carburetor, as the fuel is already vapor – there’s nothing more than a regulator and mixing tee. The known energy potential of propane (which is less than gasoline) is reflected in the lower MPG. What about diesel? There again, no carburetor. The known energy potential of diesel fuel (which is greater than gasoline) is reflected in the higher MPG. Bottom line – it’s not about the carburetor. A fancy patented carburetor is not going to somehow magically double the energy potential. See where I’m going with this? A fancy spark system isn’t likely to either.

  4. I’m not going to be putting charred springy thingys on my battery posts any time soon. I can’t shake this uneasy feeling that someone is laughing up his sleeve. I’m going to file this one along side the HHO craze which has a range of results anywhere from wasting people’s time to downright fraudulent mechanics ripping people off.


When did science say that? Wood gasification predates both gasoline and the internal combustion engine itself. Municipal lighting was done with both coal and wood gasification. These and a variety of other non-gasoline fuel sources accompanied the development of internal combustion engines over 200-plus years of its history (as well as gasoline, of course).


I think he’s talking about the idea that the WW2-era wood gasifiers/vehicles couldn’t go over 3,000 rpm/35 mph, which has been attributed to poor gas quality and vehicles of the era (most of them had a natural top speed of 50 or so mph anyways.)