Car show Lake Arrowhead tomarrow

ok the car show in Lake Arrowhead is tommarow and shes all cleaed up and ready to go she hasent been to a show in 4 years im a but axtiouse as im bringing the freak show to a nice car car show lol =)


I hope you get a great showing at the event.


I hope you freak them out. Iā€™m sure they will appreciate something out of the ordinary.


How that it is car show ready, may you could give us a walk through on the gasifier and what new improvements you have done.

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its a inbert reproduction style gasifier one cyclone bed-rails a pool filter with a internal separate wood chip filter Subaru throttle body and the only improvement so far but untested is the supercharger it is a AMR 500 from a Subaru i just got to act normal on gas buy adding a bypass valve this way it can idle the blower gives 7 lbs of boost steady thro the curve the engine is a 1600 DP with mild cam and big valve heads compression ratio is set to aprox. 8:1 =)