Carburated or fuel injected

Hello all, I am new to the site and have just ordered the plans to build a wood gasifier. I have been planning on buying a truck (again) last one was wrecked. Anyway I am looking at a couple different trucks both fords with 300 ci 6 cyl motors one is caburated the other is fuel injected is one better than the other for converting to woodgas? I.E. easier to do or better running once its done? Also curious if anyone has done one of these with a 300-6 or not and if so how it worked out?

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This question comes up often. So will ask a question in return for you to study on. Tbi or mpi? Now wait for your premium membership to come through your question will be answered with bells and whistles. The wait is not a bad thing because you have alot of research to do. I suggest going to the last page of the forum and start there and work your way forward to the present. You will be surprised at the knowledge here but sometimes you dig for it. You will also find the unexpected ie recipe for cat’s head biscuits. The time you spend doing this will payoff 10 fold later.
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Just to give you a little background if you will go to the upper right portion of the screen and click on premium. You can find some very in depth detailed information.

I will list a couple that should interest you.

Right now I can’t think of anyone that is running a six cylinder ford but Richard Criag is running a six cyl chevy . I am looking for his post now and will get it up.

Lot of folks are running chevys , fords and dodges but most are V-8 and some are V-10s.

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6 cyl chevy

Ron Lemler is running a 300 isn’t he? Stay with the lightest truck possible to do what you want. Ron’s truck.

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I had forgot about Ron.

When you get my age you can remember with detail thing that happen 60 years ago but can’t remember what ya did yesterday or this morning.!

thanks for bring up this question - I believe direct fuel injection would be best, however the problem i see is the programing of the brain box… I wish I had the money to build my idea system… and new 302 ford with 6 head bolts and the head design of the old 255 indy snake exhaust layout with direct injection and twin turbos. now use the exhaust and water of that engine to preheat the bio fuel reactor… that is what i have had in mind for years!

I’m running a 300 6 cyl ford with a 2 bbl carb right now(one BBL for gasoline and the other for woodgas) and am happy with the performance.I took my dad for a ride last night through our twisty and hilly country and he said it was fast enough for him.