Carburetor hook up question... help wanted

Hey everyone,
I bought the Wayne Keith book and am looking to build exactly to his specs after watching all the Teslonian and Flashifier videos. Teslonian was a jerk and wouldn’t give any help and Flash was great but couldn’t really offer any help for a bigger motor. WK was the only one I could find that was actually built to run a vehicle. My problem is that his book is primarily for a multi port fuel injection model but I have a carbureted 79 ford F-250 and I need help with how to get the fuel into the motor and throttle linkage. Thanks in advance.

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Be sure to read the updates and especially the digital tempreture gauges, I don’t know how Wayne and some of the others read a tiny gauge mounted outside in the weather looking in the rear view mirror!


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Thank you for the attempt. It says “Oops! That page doesn’t exist anymore”

Does anyone know how to get ahold of Chris Saenz?

Hello Edward and welcome to the web site.

We should have plenty of information on the carburetor hook up for wood gas but it may take me a while to look it all up . Give me a little time and I will be searching.



Well we’ll try again, Plenum under carb setups Or go to search type in carburetor


Thanks Al

That was the tread I was looking for.

Thanks Wayne I appreciate that

Hello Edward

My first choice is to use a vehicle with multi port fuel injection but I do understand that one must use what they have in most cases . Personally the only trucks I will gasifie will be multi port. They operate so smooth and nice with the computer and very little maintenance .

With that said I have had 3 trucks with carbs over the years and have put down thousands of miles with them . Two of the trucks I piped the gas under the carb to a mixing box or plenum . On these two trucks I use two throttles and hybird very easy if needed.

The last truck I used with a carb was a 85 , 250 ford with a 460 motor. On this truck I ran the wood gas into the air filter housing just as I do now on the later model trucks . This is a much simpler build than the under carb plenum but any hybrid driving doesn’t work out very well. It is gasoline or wood.

I bypassed the mechanical fuel pump and installed a small inline electric fuel pump that I could operate from the driver seat.

Below is a short video of switching the truck back and forth from wood to gasoline .

Also a short video of working the ole truck .


Thanks Wayne. I appreciate the help.

Just too add too what Wayne said,I had a truck with fuel comeing in under the carb, and it is harder too get a steady idle if air leaks of any sort are preasent.after i sent the wood gas in above the carb my idle was much more steady, I probly had a few extra leaks on my under carb mixing manifold.And its hard keeping the air cleaner from hitting the hood on the old chevy trucks if the plentom is too tall. Some carbs have float bowl open too the incoming air, i dont think those old chevy Quaderjet carbs would work above the carb wood gas entry.
Good luck on your choice.

My quadrajet carb used the secondary barrels for wood gas and the primary was for gasoline. Nice setup.

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Thanks jeff on the update, i never tried my old 75 yr quaderjet, it was worn out on the the needle rods.That was quit a smart idea, both thottle bodys on one carb, after some linkage mods.For some reason i was thinking i could see the bottom of the float bowl from full asembled carb, My carb was quit old modle.If i had it too start over i would wait till i had a small 4 cyl s10 like mike larosa, or a 6 cyl computor s10.And use trailer syle setup, so when out of wood i can leave the weight home while driveing on petro. Just an option too consider.Either way wood gas runs good in carb engines, just slow on takeoff speed and pulling any extra weight slows it down more yet, and the computer timeing v/s vac advance is hard too beat,along with the ease of hibrid driveing with computors is why Wayne will not go back too carb trucks,


If i was going too wood gas a carb vehile i would mount too trailer, so i could sell carb truck later and or just try the wood consumption difference, most carb trucks i have owned got 8 too 11 too the gallon, a v 6 4.3 CHEVY COMPUTOR TRUCK been known too get steady. Average 18 mpg, thats the main reason. better on gas better on wood.

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