Carpool to Argos 2013

Hello Gassers,
It has become apparent I will not be driving my woodgas truck to Argos next week. It’s cheaper to rent a car than drive my 12 mpg pickup 1800 plus miles. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in sharing driving from Connecticut and back. Ideally two riders and myself sharing expenses.
I plan on leaving Ct. Thursday morning and pretty much drive straight through. Should get there Thursday night around 10pm.Probably would leave Argos Sunday by 10 am. I might have one person interested right now but no definites. I plan on camping at the fairgrounds. Must be able to pass Hertz driver requirements if you plan on driving.
You can reply on this thread or contact me directly. Thanks, MikeyB

Hi MikeyB, I’m looking forward to seeing you again. Maybe this year we can find a decent lake in the area to take a short wood drive to and go for a dip ?? Sorry it’s such a long trip for you. It is around 6 or 7 hours each way for me if nothing breaks … MikeyL

Hi MikeyL, I’m all for finding a swimming hole if it’s as hot as last year. No wifey this year,she can’t miss my daughters senior prom. I look forward to seeing some faces that we chat with all year long. Bye for now, MikeyB

Morning MikeyB,

Looking forward to seeing ya again .

Sorry too much going on for your wife to miss Argos . My wife will be disappointed ! Please say hi from Lisa.

See ya in a week and half.


OK, No takers on plan A. How about planB. Is anyone along the Rt 80/ 84 corridor between Ohio and Conneciicut interested in a ride? I’m just looking for someone to keep me awake on the trip. One or two people would be great. I’ve got no problem driving the whole way. It just gets boring alone.

Michael, I’d go with you but it’s a bit out of my way (in northern KY).

I seem to recall Peter C was a candidate for carpooling. Also, didn’t someone come all the way from Maine last year?

Mike, If i am able to go, i will go with you. Currently working on covering my calls for those days.

Morning Mike B,

If you were just a bit closer I would swing up that way and ride with you and let wife follow in the wood burner.

Getting to spend quality time with folks like you is hard to beat.

Thanks for the kind words, Wayne. I’m looking forward to having a great weekend. The ride is long but worth it. Woodgas talk all day, Bluegrass by the campfire at night. Great food, Good people. My kind of fun. See you gassers soon. My wife is sad she can’t make it. She will miss her Gassie girl friends. (Opps , I meant gasifier Girls).