Charcoal Gassifier Nozzle

Not sure if I have posted this in the correct place. I always get into trouble when using such sites. Plus I do not have the time to figure them out. Any way I have just been reading some of the posts regarding Nozzles for charcoal gassifiers. I have a 1933 truck French Truck that was converted to charcoal and has, until approx 20 years ago, run on it, as a primary fuel up until the end of is use. The nozzle is water cooled from the engine cooling water, taken from a pick up off of the water pump. If anyone is still interested, I can post a couple of photographs showing it. it appears to be still in good working order after all these years. The material is bronze. Could look into producing a few if anyone is. interested.


Pictures would always be neat. Is it a gouhin Poulenc design gasifier?


Hi Cody,

Neither, it was an experimental design, the truck was purchased be the then owners and they built an experimental unit, in 1936 ish, using old French Oil - Petrol Drums for the Retort and Filter housings. .Looks as if it was quite successful as it ran for many years, with only a 2 gallon (ish ) Fuel tank. Must have worked hard as all of the king pins and axle swivel arms are worn out and Bu** erd .
When I have the nozzle out of the remains of the body I will put a couple of photographs up for interested parties to share.

Thanks for your interest,

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Hi Peter , welcome back after the long break :smile: Would love to see more , for sure if you have photo’s or even any video’s posted on line would be amazing to see .
Where about’s in the world are you and the truck parked ?


If photos showing details of the entire gasifier and installation are available, they would be great to see.


Yes I would be super keen to see the entire set up if you can video it cheers Wayne